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My Story by Kathy Gold

Doreen's Friend

July 11, 2013

The kid who came here to do the inspection. He said he's 40, dark hair, glasses. He said his name was Matt. Ok. So he didn't care about the living conditions nor that there were cockroaches, he said, I didn't see any downstairs.

I told him about this website. he didn't care, he didn't want to know. He just kept asking about rent. Then later tried to give me a speech about why I should pay rent. I should just get a job.

I told him, he can help me by passing my resume and letters of recommendation. He refused to give me his email address, he said he wasn't responsible for helping me get a job, that was my responsibility. Ok. Yet he continued to stand there and try to belittle me, make less of me. He said he's a catholic. He's not a Jew. After I told him about my great aunt who survived the concentration camp and that she's old and Jews live longer, he was like one less Jew. Ok. This guy is anti semitic.

I told him, I feel abused. Victimized, after all he is the guy on Doreen's payroll. It's his job not to abuse tenants.

Since he broke his agreement with me, prior to leaving, I told him I could take pictures of the cockroaches and email it to him and he said that was fine. He didn't give me his email. So now I will post them here, for the whole world to view.

I was the only person he inspected. Just my unit.

See Inspection below and pics to start this journey.


1st pic July 11, 2013

2nd pic July 12, 2013

3 day notice, I was told the last one. July 13, 2013 btw I have no idea where she got this figure from LMAO never broke it down. Her admin is out. That means her ethics too.

I was told by this dude, last one. Next stop court. I told him, get the sheriff and he said not yet. That's the next thing. He said, I didn't need to show up in court. I told him, I don't care.

More 3 day notices:

City Inspection

Updated July 21, 2013

Updated August 2, 2013

Updated August 3, 2013

Updated August 6, 2013

Updated August 15, 2013

Updated August 28, 2013


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