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My Story by Kathy Gold

Digital Planet

After I graduated from Computer Learning Center, I got a degree in computer programming. I went to my recruiter and I told her, get me an interview at this company. This was the company I wanted to work for.

My instructor in my 2nd to last class, C programming language, told our class about this company. I originally went back to school to learn programming because I wanted to create video games. I thought that would be a fun and exciting career. Then I heard about this company, and went, I wanna do that, build websites. How fun.

They did websites for the movie industry. Two weeks later, I had an interview. I got the job. I was stoked.

One of the websites I worked on was the 12 monkeys movie website. All on a unix platform lol I had to log in to the unix system lol old school lol. Root, chmod etc etc lol.

I loved my job, not necessarily the people who worked there. My supervisor, a girl 10 years younger than me, was weird. This was in 1996. She tells me at work, we all smoke pot here, is that a problem for you?

I don't do drugs. I was taken aback by this. I told her, fine. What else am I gonna say? Otherwise, no job for me. I had to put up with that entire crew, doing drugs, except me. All not Scientologists.

This girl had drama rama going on with her boyfriend, who had aids, she went to Las Vegas and married him, high as a kite, the other guy in the department was a british guy who left to go work for another company, he couldn't take their bullshit anymore, his name was Anthony, nice guy. The sister of the owner, Josh was his name, I was having a break with her and she started bitching about Tom Cruise, they didn't know I was a Scientologist. She went on about Tom Cruise and what a Scientology prick he was. I didn't know what to say, so I just zipped it. That would be a discriminatory comment. She could have just said, what a prick Tom Cruise is, why she had to add my religion to that phrase is beyond me.

The company, didn't last, they went out of business. It turned out, Josh and his management team, had financial irregularities, they took the money they got at $100k or more to build these websites and spent the money. They didn't have the money to pay their employees. The entire company, out ethics. And for sure no morals. I wonder what happened to all those people now in the year 2012.

I remember at one of the company meetings we had, lol they made us sit in a circle and the guy below Josh, his friend, started reading poetry, out loud and then had all of us comment on how we can use that poem to make our jobs better lol Ok. Then he started doing an analysis of the poem itself. It was extremely weird, not a normal business meeting ok. Everybody in that meeting looked at each other and was like wtf? lol It was the stupidest thing, I've ever experienced in a company. Not normal at all. But hey, they knew best, after all, they weren't Scientologists and all smoked pot lol.

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