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My Story by Kathy Gold

Digital Gold

That was my company, my baby. I started it with nothing, just $150.00. $100.00 to open my business checking account and $50.00 for the DBA.

No funding. Me, myself and I.

After I left Digital Planet, I started getting sub contracting work for other companies. One of the projects I was hired for was the Yosemite National Park. On that project, I had to do all the HTML coding by hand.

But I ended up also having to do customer service functions, sales functions and quality control functions. I had to call Yosemite National Park for months, long distance, on my phone, my time, my dime. I got the project done, but I never got reimbursed for that. That was out exchange of the company that hired me to do this. All I got after was a thank you and they offered me a sales job. Because of me, had I been like eveyrbody else, that company would have lost that account.

Instead, I saved that client for them and never got anything, no reimbursement of my money that I had to put out calling them, handling it etc etc.. For me to do those functions was not part of the contract, it was not part of the agreement nor was I hired to do that. Somebody else within that company was suppose to do that.

They didn't appreciate all the hard work I did for them, they didn't care. That company, is now out of business. The owner not a scientologist, of that company was very good friends with Sky Dayton, I found out later. The two of them used to go to baseball games together. Alot of people were friends with Sky Dayton lol he started Earthlink. And somewhere in there, I went to interview at Earthlink for a job, I remember I felt discriminated against because I was a woman in the interview and the guy that interviewed me, was a Scientologist.

So after that experience, I decided, I had two choices, go work for another company, get treated like shit, used and not appreciated or start my own company and do it for me. I decided to do it for myself.

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