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My Story by Kathy Gold

Dianetics Clear

I went clear last life on the ship with LRH, I was in the Sea Org. We didn't use meters then, LMAO. We did it old school, auditing each other, face to face. Using Dianetics. Everybody on the ship did.

I was a guy, met him in college. He asked a bunch of us, wanna go on an adventure? I was like sure, why not. I was in an Ivy League School, from a rich well to do family, old money and heavily connected to psychs. My mother in that life was killed off by my father. Put into a psych hospital, mental illness.

She was an artist too. She didn't fit into his family. He assumed, she could be controlled, her emotions and in time she would fit into his lifestyle. He was 1.1. He wanted to know what made her tick, he was manipulative and controlly. If he didn't get his way, temper tantrum. His method of control, money. I was their only child.

He couldn't stand the fact, I went on an adventure. How dare I do that. He meddled, how dare I give up my privileged life and work on a ship, be part of a crew for like $20.00 a week. I must be mentally ill or crazy, like my mother. Of course, that explains everything. He hired PI's, to get the dirt. Easier to disconnect me from his will. Cut me off permanently, until I obeyed. My mother died in a psych hospital. It was easier for him to start over with another wife. I was persona non grata. All because I went on an adventure, to find myself, and find out what I wanted to do with my life.

I was happy on the ship, I felt free. I loved what I was doing on a daily basis. MSH was on the ship too, I wore many hats, I serverd LRH and MSH tea, I cooked, was in HCO etc etc. Norman Starky was on the ship too.

I was miserable. The 2d. I hated being a guy. I was there when he did his lectures on the ship. I was in the audience. I was one of the people that convinced him to do the sea org. I was there when he did his research for the PTS/SP course. I loved my 3rd and 4th dynamic.

I was there when he did his research for the OT levels. I did what was called OT 1, while crossing the wall of fire, I did OT2 and OT3, natually, normally. OT1, the first incident on the time track, where a civilization ended.

There were alot of out 2D's on the ship, people hooking up. The people were suppose to find their soulmates, their wholetrack 2d's, the double rings. Spot each other and go, start there lives together. But some were just out ethics.

I couldn't stand that. I was alone. Single. Me and my guitar. I went off the ship and got laid, had a threesome. Two women. I had my O's but no relationship. That was an out 2d. That was an overt or past life transgression. I felt bad in my auditing and had stuck attention on it, so I told my auditor at LADAY, Will, he was great. He granted me beingness and never made me feel weird or wrong.

But I didn't know why. That part we never addressed in auditing. I had stuck attention on that as well as the Sea Org. This life I figured it out while crossing the wall of fire. I heard ship noises and I could smell the fresh ocean air. Only one problem, I was in the valley lol. I died on the ship, I took a bullet for him, LRH. My code of honor was in.

I got my confirmation while crossing the wall of fire.

I'm a woman, not a man. And from now on, I'll be a woman in my future lives, from here on out. Not interested in being a man. I love being a woman, it's who I am, not gonna change. You can be overt, direct and honest and still be a woman.

Updated 8/9/2012

Sequential order of your case little tip, this is his case, his past lives, not everybody was part of his past lives. Only idiots read this and didn't get it. MU's and refused to clear them up, but instead left the church and nattered up a storm. To fuckin stupid to figure it the fuck out. Here's a hint, a clue, experience the OT levels, live the fuckin dream.

A little story, after my induced meltdown, I went into AO, Kathy Johnston was my reg, I walked right in, while waiting, I got pulled into the course room, for a drill. The guy that needed my help was on course, learning about implants, apples to be specific. For you idiots that never took the course or got hatting, education, figure it the fuck out, read into it. LMAO You'll never get it, in a gazillion years. Oh well, just keep making fun of something you don't know about and never will. This game is over. You lost. We won.

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