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My Story by Kathy Gold

Department Of Fair Employment and Housing

Today July 13, 2012, I had a phone interview, she already made up her mind before we even spoke. There is no justification for this un ethical behavior. She's harmed alot of people of all races, genders, religions etc etc.

She terminated the phone conversation, when I asked her if she had a pension. She refused to answer the question, I told her, I missed your withhold, I was laughing lol. Then I asked her again, answer the question and she said it was none of my business. She was in the fear band, afraid, nervous. I missed her withholds, meaning more than one, but she did let it slip that she too has been reading this website.

And she did admit to doing this to other people. I'm not the only one. Boy, that's alot of people she betrayed from her job and getting paid for those acts. Betraying the taxpayer, comes with a price.

So, forget enforcing the law, these people are Anti Scientology already. They sit on their ass getting our tax dollars to pay for their shit and I'm gonna assume they have a pension. She was also very robotic.

So, moral of the story, don't even waste your time. It's out exchange. Not gonna enforce a law for free. Send your letter to the ACLU, get turned down and move on with your life. Apply your religion, Scientology and keep your ethics in. Don't worry, these people are fucked, their souls are fucked. Not my fuckin problem they are out-exchange with the taxpayers and have no understanding, no compassion. They don't care.

They only care if you answer the questions correctly on their form, their piece of paper LMAO. But in the end, I did the right thing, it's not my fuckin problem this agency is a piece of shit. They are worthless and don't actually do anything to improve conditions in society. They continue the status quo and get paid for it. Oh well, not my problem. They perpetuate discrimination and racism. They allow it and are very very judgy or critical, so yeah, they have major overts or transgressions in present time of not helping people who have been discriminated against.

And if this bitch, ever gets off this rock, her soul belongs to me. I own it lol And I will be hunting her down and taking for treatment to that big implant station in the sky. She's a racist out exchange criminal. And she wasn't black, she was white. I doubt she will. Eternal damnation for her and all the people like her within this agency.

The only way to really handle discrimination and racism, psychiatry LMAO the right way. Implant city. Major pain for these animals. That's the only way, they will ever learn to do the right thing. With no pain, they just continue to go out exchange and out ethics. This bitch is fucked LMAO We'll fuck her up so good, she won't even have a racist, biaist or discriminatory thought, for if she does, pain. Now that's the right way to apply psychiatry. And most of all, no drugs. Make her feel it, in all her memories for all eternity. Lifetimes to come. LMAO. I loved my job working for Implant Stations. One of the best jobs in the universe. Bottomline, it works and keeps these animals in line.

My win, I did the right thing, more case gain. Ethics isn't about telling people what to do, what to wear, how to act etc etc. It's just doing the right thing. This agency, internally is out ethics. When you go here, their end product is to give you a right to sue, court. That's really it. Not everybody wants to go to court for every fuckin little thing. Sometimes people just want to do the right thing, after all it is the law and per the law, the taxpayer is responsible for enforcing this law. You have to jump thru hoops to enforce this.

She's also an SP, she tried to restim me. This person can sue you for this. WTF? I was discriminated against and you sided with the person that did the discrimination, she read the evidence and she didn't care. That's against the law too. She turned this around and made the victim of this crime responsible. I suspect, she's a degraded being, she's done this to so many other victims, there is no hope for her. Eternal damnation for 1 billion years. And she deserves it. Hee Hee.

He's not gonna sue, otherwise, his court case will go on this website, public record for the whole world to see. People are so quick to threaten a lawsuit but they won't back it up. Restim City. Just laugh your ass off and know, they are fucked.

The computation is, lawsuit, loss, take assets, left homeless in the street, injustice. Keys in the case of earlier injustice actions. She uses it as a method of control. Oh no, my reputation. Really, you have to show how it was damaged, prove it. Financial records for court, oh no, out ethics on finances, taxes. Oh O, Oh shit, the IRS, lien time on this guy for not paying his taxes. Dirty laundry in court. He made alot of money when the real estate industry was booming, oh O, The Department of Justice will have to investigate too, all those people, taxpayers who are now left homeless because of the transactions they did. With 1500 licensed real estate agents under his license, well, that's alot of transactions, alot of money, not to mention his own escrow company, I wonder about those escrow fees, major financial irregs, trust accounts, escrow accounts etc etc, all regulated. So it's in his best interest to not go to court. Stay below the radar.

Racism and discrimination won't be handled this way, it's an insane solution to a real problem and we're not coming back to a dying planet next life to keep fighting this, now that's insane.

So what do you do when someone in a position of power discriminates against you and there is nothing you can do about it?

Laugh your ass off to target 3, get your case gain, by doing the right thing and just know that, that person, is really fucked. You can't have a job for 10, 20 or 30 years and do this to other people and get away with it. I know in the back of her head, she knows this, she's fucked over alot of people and she doesn't care, her justification, I'm just doing my job. Ok. Guess what, that job, that you got paid for, will fuck you, forever. No spiritual freedom for her. This woman is really really evil. Can you imagine how many people died because of her? Really died, lost their lives. There's just no stats on this. Their actions have cost human life.

I wonder what the stats are on this agency, not handling discrimination and racism? How many people have they fucked over, since it's inception, I bet you, the stats on this are through the roof. In a power condition. Production in abundance.

Btw, I had a job interview the other day and I was asked if I ever worked for the government or a government agency. She was black, nice lady, great sense of humor. The private sector does not want any government workers, for this reason. They don't produce and are out exchange. I think businesses are tired of this bullshit. Getting a paycheck for sitting on their ass. Boy will that look bad on their resumes lol. Their entire work history and no unemployment, welfare. I guess in the end, they will go homeless and die, now that is retribution huh, karmic or what lol or LMAO. Remember, California is a no fault state, the employer really doesn't have to give you a reason of why they won't hire you, just ask you some questions lol. What comes around, really does go around. It's not right, it's not fair, it's just how it is. Again, LMAO. Don't like it, go to court, sue lol

I think their pensions are non-existent, meaning moved around like the post office. So when they go to use it, it won't be there. Oh well, not my problem.

It's only a matter of time before this hits Los Angeles County. How will Villaraigosa handle this? Remember he too went out 2d on his wife.

I mean these new loans gotta get paid back, I guess taxes will go up? Oh look, I was right lol Maybe pass the buck lol

Btw, this is a great idea, I was wondering about Kiva, I was like hmmm maybe they should do this here in the US. Great minds do think alike lol

Updated 7/15/2012

Got these in the mail for 1928 Jewelry Company. Wow, I have a right to sue. Big fuckin deal. He asked me if I was Jewish in the 2nd interview we had. He broke the law. They did an investigation and closed the case. I was never gonna sue somebody for asking me this question, breaking the law etc etc. I was applying my ethics book. Ethics gradients.

I was reliving my cops days down my wholetrack, pre earth, while at the same time in present time enforcing the law here on planet earth, as a taxpayer. Or dramatizing my case. I also spotted the CFO, he was bad management or a bad apple that fucked over psych ops crew, pencil pushing exec with a limp dix, We left cause of him and went mob to get our middle class heaven. His decision to fuck over our mob guys including Versace, our connections, our comm lines, to get to where we needed to go, to do our jobs. I don't think he lasted very long after he was found out. I'm sure, psych ops did their sweep, in their own way LMAO.

Btw, I got his computations too, after he hired me, well now, she'll zip it. He too was reading my shit online. He already knew I was a Scientologist. And Kit, I spotted her too, Fleet. She had her shit together, when I asked for it. That girl had a double if not triple work load than Annie and she managed to pull it off, professional and organized. Got her computation too, she assumed I'd be writing reports on her LMAO. Too funny. I hope to see Kit on Target 3. Remember Kit, White Glove lol

Maybe he had a valid reason for doing what he did. Who knows, who cares. Nor that he was an asshole to me and how he fired me. I realized, the CFO is 1.1 SP criminal, he told me, couldn't you sense it, this was coming? He wanted me to read into it, ok. Why read into his communications and actions. I was there to get the ecommerce sales up, not sit and evaluate his job performance and figure figure think think, what should I do next that he would approve of? lol. Hmmm maybe if I do this, he'll like me. Gimme me a fuckin break, what part of management did that guy not get on any level. He just goes around restimming all of the employees. The juniors that worked below me, all made more money than me. I was hired to take responsiblity and accountability for the Gross Income of the ecommerce store, while one of the girls, Annie, sat there and got paid $25.00 an hour, $2k more a year than me to blog once a day, and tweet a few times, and email a few people to be part of their affiliate program. That's all this girl did. She sat on her ass, most of the time and texted her friends, boyfriend, everybody. She didn't even want to get off her ass to answer the customer service calls, she was too busy texting, I had to do it from across the room ok. Kit was great, if I had to pick one to work with, Kit would be it. Annie was too emotional and abberated on control. I asked her to do something and she would give me back flash. With the CFO, it was perfectly ok to over pay this girl. None of these girls were on performance contracts, except me. So, this girl can bring in $2-$4 million dollars a year in gross income to that company. After all, she knows it all LMAO. Out Exchange and mis management, bigtime, of time and money. Major financial irregs.

I have to admit or confess, as I was leaving that day, I passed out my cards for to everybody, to keep in touch etc etc and I said to others, looks like I'm gonna retire earlier than I thought lol He flipped out, you should have seen the look on his face, like I embezzled money or something. LMAO yeah, I know, I missed his withholds, embezzlement, that's his case.

As a Scientologist, I wanted to apply my ethics book and do the right thing. When I was part of the Church, I never experienced this type of discrimination, or anything like this from a Scientologist employer. This was new to me.

From the time I got into Scientology, I usually worked for Scientologists. I guess on some level, I knew racism and discrimination existed but not like this. I never wanted to confront how much I was hated for being Jewish. I knew there was Antisemitism out there and I used my church to shield me from it. I always felt at home in a Chuch of Scientology, it didn't matter that my last name was Gold. Nobody looked at me or talked to me this way. I was accepted for me.

Had this happend to me while I was a member of the Church of Scientology, I don't know how I would have handled it. I was always too busy, working to get money to go up a bridge, my spiritual freedom and I don't think it would have been ok with the Church itself, I think it would have put my OT levels in jeopardy and of course, their out PR.

After shit hit the fan in my universe
, I was in too much pain to do anything else. I liked this journey. I went wholetrack on this too. There was a time, pre earth, when we did this, ethics, tech and admin. I was both, inspections and investigations. And we busted these types of people and hauled them off to the implant stations in the sky, for treatment of their racism. We weren't selective nor bias, we went by the book, Ethics, Tech and Admin. We usually got a ton of complaints first though lol. We didn't go off just one, now that would be suppressive.

The woman that did the investigation, she was cool, a black woman, funny as hell and very upfront, direct, overt and honest. She called me to tell me what was up and I told her, only rich people can sue now lol and she laughed, we both got a good chuckle. I got great case gain while I was crossing the wall of fire. Great memories, good times. An awesome civilization. Like I said, Implant stations are going back LMAO.

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Updated 8/2/2012

updated 8/9/2012

confirmation on the post office, which gov agency is next?

Updated September 17, 2012

The woman and all those like her at this gov agency that judged me based on their own preconceived ideas, notions etc etc. You are fucked, by God, you are a criminal, who the fuck are you to judge me, lady, I've got cause over my exteriorization, but you don't, get it. LMAO, you're going into this rock, after you die, pension or not. Reality, deal with it. God won't be saving your soul. You're not off limits. you too will have to atone for your sins, this life and of course past lives. Playing God with people's lives, has a price, it's called your soul. It's suppressive and not ok. She's not really that good of a person, stupid as hell. Dumb LMAO yeah, she's been implanted up the wazoo. She and others like her, led to people's death in present time and didn't give a fuck, collecting that paycheck comes with a price. She's in a position of trust and power and has abused that, based on her treatment of me, I already know, Scientology. She won't believe it, she'll deny it, but in the end, she knows it's true. She knows deep down in her soul she deserves eternal damnation for 1 billion years, she's destroyed too many people's lives instead of actually helping them, and that is evil.

Updated Wednesday, November 28, 2012

California Democratic campaign treasurer gets eight years for fraud

Updated August 20, 2013

This organization condones discrimination against women and Scientologists. They support abuse and criminality. They receive money, our tax dollars for their contribution.

There is something wrong with this society and nobody is gonna handle it. Let it die out ok. Let them receive Eternal Damnation for their contributions to mankind.

I guess if everybody moved away and stopped contributing to this society, then maybe they would get it. No taxes means no income. Nobody to collect from. Oh well LMAO.

Updated September 9, 2013

As you can see, it was a waste of my time. She had the evidence and she didn't care. She sided with the people that did the discrimination. Our tax dollars pay for her job, her sick & vacation pay as well as her retirement. She gets paid to forward the status quo, not for fighting it and making change. I'm not the only person she did this too. I'm the only person you know about.

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