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Debbie Cook

Well, looks like Debbie and her husband got their money from this church and they are outta here, retiring to the Caribbeans. Must be nice huh lol. I guess if she decides to write a tell all book, no laws of the United States will apply, she can always write an ebook, the real dirt, the real scoop, and then David Miscavige can send someone out there to monitor her lol Same shit different day.

After it tanks, her book, you know marketing, promotion, unless of course it's all the dirty nasty secrets of the celebs patterns of behavior including sexual shit lol, then she should be fine, she could go on the book circuit to promote and market it, but if it tanks, she'll have to come up with another way to get money out of this church. She feels, she's owed something etc etc.

I don't think she paid back all the people, scientologist's that sent her money, donations to pay for her attorneys fees. They got screwed, taken for a ride by these people. Oh well, it's her soul, her husband's soul.

None of these people are artist's lol and they'll just write one book lol. Wow, anybody can blackmail this church, follow in her footsteps lol. Maybe Debbie can write up her hat on how she did it, step by step and then David Miscavige can pay her not to publish it lol. Too fuckin funny. I don't know Debbie or her husband, never met them and I'm not gonna lol.

Wow, she'll break the auditor's code lol big fuckin deal, it's not like anyone is gonna stop her, so she'll write it and he can keep paying her every time she threatens something, I guess it pays to be at the top and leave lol. And it's not that big of a deal for David Miscavige, it's not his money, he'll just con or restim more people out of their hard earned money lol Both these people will play this game until they die. It's now their games condition lol.

She can be an expert on all the people including Tom Cruise having meltdowns at Flag before he started going uplines to Int management, you know those villas lol. It's not like Tom Cruise is gonna do anything lol He has to zip it and sit on it lol Or his shit will be spilt. Play the game Tom or get fucked lol

Like David Miscavige's computation, everybody's got a price, even Tom Cruise, oh well. Go have another kid in middle class heaven dude lol. Go back to sleep.

So, she left in 2007, when she left, she and her husband each got $50k each. Shit crashed in 2008 and things went into motion. Look at her, this is not the same woman who left.

She made this church a lot of fuckin money, how did David Miscavige reward her, by GPSing her car, her phone, etc etc. She and her husband out lived their usefulness to him, so he decided to get rid of her, make it so bad, she would leave. In the video where she took the money, it doesn't look like it's under duress, but what you fail to see is, what does duress look like?

She knows if she walks away from this church, she's lost her spiritual freedom. Her cause over her exteriorization. So she is playing the game. For you people out there, that only focus on money, the idea, the concept of being in control of your soul when your body dies maybe it's foreign to you or not realistic to you but to us Scientologists, it fuckin clear as a fuckin bell lol.

Now it doesn't mean, Debbie is perfect ok, it just means, I understand and have compassion for her plight. After all, I am a wholetrack psych, an implanter. Do most COB's of a company, get rid of their top money earning people cause they don't perform for them when they snap their fingers? Remember those same top money earners, were paid $50.00 a week and room and board. They got a 1% commission of the money earned.

I would have to say, no, most employers, would never treat people who brought in money like that. No employers kick their top money producers to the curb because they won't jump when they snap their fingers. And they sure as fuck don't gps their phones, their cars etc etc.

I have to say, kudos to Debbie Cook, girl, get that money and make his life a living hell, so he'll never get a release, it might save his wife's life, Shelly too.

And if you can release all the dirt on all these fuckin celebs and vip status people. Bring down, David Miscavige's house of cards for good. We really don't want anybody else on planet earth to have cause over their exteriorization including David Miscavige.ok. Only people with high ethical and moral standards or a high responsibility level are allowed to have this tech. The rest, go by God.

For the record, if it was me, I would have never signed a confidentiality agreement to begin with lol. I would never have taken the money. Can't sue me, no contract was broken. They broke their contract with me, their agreement with me, the parishoner. It's quite different when it's the other way around, huh lol.

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