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My Story by Kathy Gold

David Miscavige and the 2nd Dynamic

He cut the 2d line in the Sea Org for more than one reason. He made it impossible for people to stay, going in. Their last option, to leave, have kids.

Now if the PR gets bad enough, he'll just change those rules and put them back to fit in, to blend, to conform etc etc.

He will never leave that post, he will die as COB. He's applying the Simon Bolivar Policy, which was in the OEC Vols for Executives. He considers himself a leader of his church.

He also knows as soon as he leaves, he has no power, court, attorneys fees, money.

You have to be qualified to be able to go into the Church of Scientology at Int Management, no out 2d history and all debts paid, along with no psych history. I was already out qualed by my induced meltdown from August/September of 1998.

Sure I could have petitioned like Peter Schless who wrote for his LSD, drug use, LSD is an automatic disqualification. His wife went into the Sea Org first They now hunt her down and run ops on her for speaking out about her faith, Christianity, her journey, her life. I refuse to give up my religion, Scientology. I'm still a Scientologist. She's also in Morton's Book.

I was a member in the Sea Org, in 1991, I was the Bookstore Officer at Bridge Publications. I routed in with debts with the agreement that I would be paid a weekly check, it was a corporation. They had to pay me minimum wage. I also lived off base, paid my own rent and food with 3 other girls, we were known as the Bridge Babes, which btw was my idea, I was talking to Gavin Potter who recruited me to Bridge.

I routed out because they wouldn't pay me my weekly check and my book commissions. After I routed out, then they paid me my back paycheck and my owed book commissions. I also paid off my freeloaders debt within a few months.

Even the founder himself, removed himself from post and allowed someone else to wear that hat. He was doing his research. Look at his life, he allowed others to play the game, he wasn't all knowing and all powerful. He was just the guy at the top that everybody loved to hit, attack, blame their problems on, especially their past lives. This church was always about cause over your exteriorization.

It's where Science meets Faith, a logical explanation, instead of figuring it out .

The CC program to recruit celebrities etc etc, that wasn't his idea, that was Heber Jentzsch's first wife who died. The founder allowed other people to have ideas and create and get credit for it.

Whereas David Miscavige doesn't. He wants all the credit, for it all. Btw, Heber's missing, has been.for a long time. No Church anywhere in the world disconnects family, friends and business associates to the detriment of the parishoner. Churches shun for crimes etc etc But no church anywhere shuns a parishoner for reaching out, asking for help. The disconnection policy was cancelled in 1968.

And LRH was not the Commodore, he was dramatizing his case, his past lives. His loss of his family, his friends, his group the fleet and the universe ending.

A man can only take sooo much ok, he's fine now, he's getting his release on target 3, killing bugs Like any man ok.

No spaceships are coming to pick people up ok lol it's a soul thing.

David Miscavige's computation, everybody's got a price lol. Boy is he wrong lol.

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