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My Story by Kathy Gold

David Miscavige

Per what I have read about him, he's extremely self absorbed, it's all about him, he comes first, his survival and everybody including his wife comes 2nd. He's also a racist hater. He hates, Jews, Women and Mexicans. Per Marty Rathbun, he told Marc Yager, you're a Jew, and you can't make any money in regards to the IAS. He called Barbara Ruiz a beaner cunt.

I've had people work for me, I've never ever referred to anyone that worked for me or under me in a discriminatory or derogatory manner. I actually cared about the people I worked with.

He himself, has violated the Simon Bolivar Policy, his own ethics are out and have been out for a long time, see my story, my side. His own group, the people he surrounds himself with on a daily basis contribute to his out ethics. It's out KSW, Keeping Scientology Working.

He treats the people below him, like shit and they stay for more than one reason. It's not ok and it's not how a real Scientologist treats people. He has no compassion or empathy. He is very uncaring and unkind. The typical uncaring executive. He doesn't take any responsibility or accountability for his actions. And he runs the Church of Scientology holding the title of COB, Chairman Of The Board.

Currently he lives like a king up at Int Base in Riverside county. He has a private gym with TV's and his own tanning bed. Paid for by church parishoners.

This is the man behind Scientology, David Miscavige. He values materialistic things more than human life.


Stands for International Association of Scienotologists.

In 2009 After John Travolta's kid died, both him and Tom Cruise were at the annual IAS event in England. Sitting in the front row was John Travolta. Tom Cruise was jazzed, he wanted to fight the big bad SP's called Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. John Travolta, not so much, he was in grief from the loss of his only son.

That night David Miscavge regged money for the IAS to the tune of $100 million dollars, not to shabby for a salesman lol.

Also that night, there were new faces, new scientologists in the audience for Tom Cruise to see, only one problem, they weren't really scientologists, they were extras hired by the Church aka David Miscavige to show Tom Cruise the church was expanding, see new people lol btw can you donate to our cause, the IAS so we can continue to fight for your religious freedom?

His Case

I know David Miscavige's case, I had a 2d with him in a past life. Pre Earth. I was the daughter of a good mob man. All catholic family. I had 3 brothers and me. I was the youngest. My 2nd brother and me were tight, on the same page. All my family members from that life are here, I spotted them all already. The first brother, the oldest of our family in that life was Heath Ledger. Miscavige and my 3rd brother were friends. Best friends. We had a long term 2d, we were engaged to be married. He never loved me, he was using me to come into our family and take over the family business. All my three brothers died and I was the only one left to inherit and run the family business.

After I broke off our engagement, I moved on. He didn't. He was part of our organization and my father monitored him, for his pattern of behavior, his indicators. I loved him, he never loved me, he cheated on me. I'm sure with more than one woman. A cheater is a liar is a coward. My father knew I loved him, I was gonna marry him and have his children. He was also the first man I was ever with. This was a big thing in our family. My father got reports on him to have my back, he knew this weasel of a man would try to worm his way back into my life and heart. I'm my father's daughter. With each report, I gaged his emotional reaction. I noticed, the guys that worked around him, started to have bruises on their arms, neck, face, eyes, etc. I increased the ethics gradient each time. He would flirt, I rejected, walked away. He would send cards, I blew him off. He would send gifts, I threw them away. He never took responsibility for cheating on me nor accountability. He was just using me.

Then one day, I met another man, from another good mob family. We already knew each other, as we met when we were little. We fell in love and decided to get married and start our own family. He was a good man, he never cheated. He was being stalked by a crazy ex psycho girlfriend. She wouldn't take no for an answer either.

Me and my fiance, ignored them and moved on. The day of our wedding, I never made it down the isle, we got taken out. I believe my father died of a broken heart. All his children were gone and no grandchildren. I'm sure my uncle stepped up to the plate to run the family business. He's here too. I've spotted him already as well.

Driving down Chandler Blvd, in Sherman Oaks, looking at the houses, reminded me of that life. We all lived in houses like that lol. The man I was to marry was Jett.

David Miscavige & OT 3

Before the universe ended, he ran churchs similar to what he's doing now. Nice churchs, very upstat and shee shee. He was going from planet to planet, putting his churches there. He took over the family business from his father, a preacher and took that church to the next level. His church was also a church about past lives and life improvement. But that's where it ended. Cause over exteriorization was implanter technology, not for public consumption.

Does this look familiar to you?

Coming Soon to a Channel everywhere, dramatizing his OT3 Case in present time. So not LRH but for sure DM. Think of it as a Catholic Ministry, I'm sure he'll now want 10% of your income every month too in addition to the current prices, to hedge his bets in the year 2012

My step mother went into his church to heal after the loss of her family, her husband and children, they all died in a plane crash. I went into his church too, to get some counseling, help with my then 2d, a musician who was constantly going out 2d on me. He was the first man I had a 2d with, my first love and we were gonna get married. That musician is here too. I've already spotted him. David Miscavige's church was too rigid, to stifling for me. I was also an artist, a songwriter and I felt I couldn't be myself and express my real feelings within his organization. So I didn't get too involved. I figured, it works for my step mother, whatever helps her.

My father got reports from top brass about David Miscavige's church, he had a string of affairs with women and for the most part, they started showing up dead. The police were monitoring him and couldn't tie him to the murders, he was using other people to do it. My grandfather on my step mother's side, was the chief of police for the entire galaxy. So he was not very happy about his daughter going to this church. Me and my father, confronted my step mother and gave her the reports, she put 2 & 2 together and got it. She stopped going to his church. She did the right thing. Her and my father put an admin scale there to start their new family after we retired from the military. In the meantime she would continue with her acting career.

Me and my husband, before we were married, we ran an ops on him and his organization, it was an exercise for psych ops, for more than one reason. Part of the training exercise was to monitor him from a distance his mannerisms, his speech, his eye movement, his hand movement, his voice, where his voice changes in pattern, this guy really loved to give speeches ok lol

I believe Marty Rathbun was a bad cop that helped David Miscavige get away with murder. And Mike Rinder was an attorney that did the pay offs for the women that didn't get killed. David Miscavige's operating basis, either pay them off with money to zip it or death, permanent zipping. No court, he didn't have the time or inclination to deal with that, he had bigger fish to fry then get stuck in court because some bitch he was fucking decided to have a temper tantrum. No bitch was gonna tell him what he could and couldn't do.

His ruin is money and sex, the two things that ruin his lives, he goes out ethics very easily in these two areas. He has a huge serv fac case or very very stubborn and aberrated in this area. Based on his actions in present time, I don't see him improving his condition but instead getting worse.

The police couldn't get him for the murdered women but they got him on kiddie porn. He went to jail, an implant station.

There he had a realization that, being an implanter was his calling in life, his purpose. He was a low level implanter, a prison guard. He didn't want to stay at that level, so he used his prior celebrity comm lines by selling the dirt on them to increase his pay and rank.

My step mother was a celebrity, an actress. She was one of the people he sold out as well as my cousin, my father's brother's son. My uncle. He was part of my father's crew.

He used my cousins transgressions in present time to increase his rank and pay too. He moved up into middle management. My cousin was a famous actor. He had an out 2d history. He cheated on his wife. I've spotted both of them in present time. Both are here. His new wife in present time, he got her pregnant and left her at the alter, basically blew her off.

My cousin would also go on drug binges. I would have to handle him for my mother's brother, my uncle, to get my cousin ready for the red carpet. My uncle ran a movie studio. He also slept with my step mother's brother's wife, my uncle by marriage. He was an actor and a producer. He was also my mob father in the life above. And he is currently married to his wife, the one that cheated on him with my cousin.

My cousin pissed off alot of people in the movie industry, he screwed alot of people's wives, most ran movie studios. But when he slept with my step mother's brother's wife, my father was so enturbulated. My cousin's justification for the out 2d was, look she's not really your aunt, ok, just by marriage, so it's not that big of a deal. Move on lol. This enturbulated me as well as my father ok.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when my cousin made a pass at me in one of his drug binges. I went to get him cleaned up and he made a pass at me and I had to kick him in the teeth. I reported this to psych ops and he got taken up to one of the hidden implant stations. The implanters at the top, gave him a nice R-factor and I never had to handle him ever again after that. They put his ethics in, permanently.

My cousin never did amends or took responsiblity or accountability for his actions. After that, we were distance cousins. He too was in the fleet before his movie career, but he couldn't handle it. He couldn't cut it as a fleet member. So he left. My step mother's brother gave him his first acting job. And he repayed him by fucking his wife. My cousin was not very well liked. He too became involved with David Miscavige's church.

David Miscavige ended up getting killed in the war within the implanters themselves. He swung by me and hung out, he was going to be my 4th child.

In Present Time, David Miscavige is Dramatizing His Case From OT3 Including the Psych Take Out Game lol

And as you can see, he's not winning, he hasn't been winning in this area for many many years, ok. Pre Lisa Mcpherson.

I had a huge family from my grandfather, my father's father. His 2nd wife was Christian and she too was a celebrity, a famous talk show host. Everybody knew her all over the galaxy.They had alot of children and we were a multi racial family. They had at least 12 kids, if not more. We had really great family bbqs and reunions.

Most of my family members went into the political arena. Here's where it get's weird lol, My step grandmother, 2nd wife of my grandfather, one of their children, their son, my father's half brother but the same age as my half brother. Technically he was my half uncle. To me, he was my big brother, him and my half brother, were bros. I was their little sister. My bff from the fleet, was coming into my family, she was marrying my half uncle. She too was retiring into middle class heaven. To marry, have and raise her children.

In the fleet me and my husband double dated with her and her then 2d, her first love. That guy was Tupac. It didn't work out, he went out 2d on her, baby mama drama rama, similar to what happened to me and my first love.

I remember when my half uncle was checking her out lol She did some errands for him, some cycles, and she was awesome on it. Perfect ok. I asked him, do you want me to set you up? lol He cut my comm and said no, abruptly lol I missed his withhold lol.

They are both here and married with children in middle class heaven. I've been looking for her my whole life. I had alot of bf's down the whole track and OT 3 life but she was really my bff. Boy you should have seen her, in regards to Tupac lol I had to give her the video evidence ok. But it was cool, I got it, he hurt her, like major, like mine did to me. Broke her heart.

In the fleet, that's a big deal. And I had her back, not his even though he was a good friend of me and my husbands. I had to give her the dirt on him ok, major investigation from her.

Tupac was not psych ops crew nor a musician. You could be psych ops crew and date and marry people not within your same ranks. You just had to get approval. Not that big of a deal.

She too was the daughter of military personnel and in psych ops too. She was psych ops crew for the fleet. Her dad and my dad were good friends. Her little sister had problems with musicians too, like me. And he called my dad for advice. How to hande it, she was not in the fleet. She was on the circuit. Her dad was really really enturbulated, like my dad was with my 1st love. He could see it coming a mile away in slow motion. They are both here. They are just not related in present time. But I spotted them all on my journeys.

Her little sister eventually came into the fleet, like me. But not psych ops crew. No, she had to earn it, learn the hard way, like everybody else. But once she came in, she straightened out, she had new meaning, new purpose and blossomed. My bff was really happy, she worried about her little kid sister, hoped she would find her way and not get lost.

My husband was a race car driver before going into the fleet. He spotted me in the PR lol and then later he put 2 & 2 together about me and the musician guy. I'll talk more about that later, it will get it's own section lol

And yes, this is what David Miscavige feared, Scientologists talking about their case, their past lives not in an auditing chair, paying $100 or more an hour. Basically figuring it out themselves, just by talking to each other, dialog. Like LRH used to do in the old days before David Miscavige.

You are easier to control and restim on your eternity, extract money from, if you are kept in the dark, or not know. A perfect example, Hanover. I ran the loan processing dept and the top loan officers and Investment counselors (the top money earners, they brought in the GI into that company) had to go to Flag, were ordered to go to Flag. They broke off from the company and started their own. The owner, Stephen Goldfield decided to sue all of them.

In the old days of the Church pre David Miscavige, if you wanted to sue another Scientologist, you just put in a CSW and got it approved. Not that big of a deal. Other Scientologist's could sue other Scientologists.

So what did David Miscavige do, he had all the loan officers and investment counselors sent to flag to get sec checked at $50k or more each. After that was done, Stephen Goldfield took them to court and sued them. After Stephen Goldfield lost in court, he was declared a suppressive person.

Sec checks not that big of a deal, they look like this but at $50k a pop that's a bit excessive ok. Not to mention the cost to fly to Flag and to stay there, food, rental car etc etc.

Now, why sec check these people? It was clear as a bell that the person who needed sec checking the most was Stephen Goldfield. His company went under because he pulled money out of it to go to fundraisers in Washington lol Financial Irregs. Out Simon Bolivar Policy lol The IRS shut him down because he took the payroll taxes and instead of forwarding that to them, he spent the money. He was rich, extremely. He had a huge home in a gated community in Chatsworth, drove a Ferrari, his wife was a stay at home mom, etc etc.

There was also 2 filing cabinets full of KR's on Stephen Goldfield at Wise and nobody did one damn thing lol. WDC Wise Greg Hughes, protected Stephen Goldfield. Which was nice but Greg Hughes never put Stephen Goldfield's ethics in.

Greg Hughes started Sterling Management, sold that and routed into the Sea Org with his wife. He was rich when they routed in, he drove his own BMW. His wife Debbie Hughes, was my senior at Bridge Pubs along with Rob Chin, whose is still at Bridge Pubs.

Him and WDC Pubs Phil Anderson came down from uplines in his BMW lol Phil Anderson was coming to see me cause I was routing out lol

What David Miscavige did here, was suppressive and didn't need to occur. His justification, who the fuck knows, I'm sure more than one, but mainly GI or Gross Income lol

And the person that sec checked these guys, was his wife, Michelle Shelly Miscavige. One of the loan officers told me later, she can't confront evil. lol.

If they didn't go to Flag, they wouldn't have been allowed to go up their bridge. And they were all OT's on OT3 or above. Can you say, restim city? I think so lol.

And they are the idiots who paid it. Instead of handling it. And they including myself, we were all republicans lol The banking clan lol

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