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My Story by Kathy Gold

Danny Lee Nuccio and Rich Boone

LMAO, both guys from Junior High School. Danny was the first guy I thought I loved, Rich was the first guy I slept with. Too funny. On my journey for my soulmate, I contacted Danny, I was hoping he was Jett. Through email, he lives in Switzerland.

Rich, I think he's dead, drug overdose.

Wild story about that, I had a feeling, a premonition that I would die if I married him and moved to Switzerland. I already had it all worked out, we would be together, have our kids and then I would die, I was even looking at Jennifer to be my replacement ok. I just didn't know how I would die LMAO.

Danny put me on top of his friends list on myspace. I was like in the number 2 or 3 spot. I didn't realize then, that, that was a big deal LMAO bring on the stalking LMAO

I wrote this poem when shenanigans started online, can you figure out who the bunny is?

Premonition averted. Mental images pictures, I cracked those too. Danny is not my soulmate otherwise he would have been in Texas, Lita Ford concert and he would have wisked me away and we would have gotten married. Jett, he really loves a good chase LMAO especially in middle class heaven.

Btw, My alias Countess Belle, I was playing both, Cinderella and Beauty and The Beast, both fairytales.

Updated September 2, 2013

I realized Danny reminded me of Jett, from this life, he reminded me of him, his pics online, thank god I remembered that past life. Jett was awesome as usual. Danny in real life is a Loser, with a capital L. LMAO and quite gross. Ewwww. He'll never, ever put his hands on me or have me ever for all eternity. He can go bone a dog LMAO.

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