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My Story by Kathy Gold

Now That I've Crossed The Wall Of Fire

I'm gonna go to target 3, I have no fight with this Church see Court and Justice or my religion, only their management team.

Which includes all the people involved in my induced meltdown in Aug/Sept 1998.

It was suppressive and I almost died. To them my life meant nothing, their preservation, their survival came first. I got thrown under a bus because Lisa Mcpherson died.

As a parishoner in good standing, they should have put me first but instead treated me like an enemy.

They have no compassion or empathy, they only care about money and status based on their actions.

As a group, they have not changed, they are no different than my mother by DNA.

They don't apply my religion Scientology and have already violated the basic, core beliefs of the founder himself LRH. This group as a whole is on it's way out, based on their actions.

You'll have to read my story, my side to fully comprehend, can't break it down in a soundbyte.

Through out my journey of crossing the wall of fire, they had many chances, many opportunities to come forward, step up to the plate and do their amends for what happened in Aug/Sept of 1998, they refused.

OSA and David Miscavige all know and have been monitoring me, for years I'm sure. I just didn't know about it. David Miscavige came on my radar in 2008, I pulled him in on my myspace blog, the Countess Belle, which I have, all my documentation. It was part of my soulmate journey.

I had hoped to find my soulmate and then I was going to give him all my blogs from that blog. Proof, evidence ok. There were 1500 men that came to my website from that journey. I was outflowing to inflow my soulmate.

They don't practice what they preach, conditions, as a group, they are all in lower conditions. They have it all justified, it's the greatest good for the number of dynamics, theirs. They don't take any responsibility or accountability for their actions. It's standard ethics book, our bible. They don't apply our own bible.

And group transgressions, is perverted ok. That's not Scientology, my religion. It's some weird made up thing David Miscavige did for whatever reason ok. It's 1.1. I believe David Miscavige is psychotic and perverted, he can't be helped or reformed. He's too old, he's 52, he's gone down into psycho land. He's killing his own wife for court, testimony. It's not ok Also see Court and Justice, at the end, his computation in regards to me.

Marrying him would not be the right thing to do. I would inherit his lower conditions across all the dynamics. He's in lowers and my soul, my eternity is more important than having a 2d this life.

When I was in elementary school, I flashed on the initials DM, my school mate, his name was David, and Jewish. I just remembered that as a child while crossing the wall of fire.. I didn't know what that meant. After I got into Scientology the only initials I knew of were his, DM, on my investigation journey, I realized, DM stood for Deutsche Mark, WW2 and woosh, wholetrack I went and all lol. It was a wild experience.

You can go wholetrack on anything and everything at anytime, any place.

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