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My Story by Kathy Gold

Cool OT Implanter Wins

So, last week I was driving home and I heard and felt it, that's the end of her (insert name here) with a crash and burn sound, I was like WTF? And I felt like this person committed a crime.

I found out, that she took her paycheck and added a number to the beginning of it. I got my confirmation in the physical universe. That would be forgery and attempted theft. The bank reversed the withdrawal.

I thought she was cool, she was black btw, a beautiful tall, black girl. I saw a fleet member not a criminal. She went crim, if she doesn't make this right, she's fucked, amends, she won't be crossing that wall of fire.

She never did come back to work, she blew. The bank isn't gonna go after her, to them it's just counted as an error and went into a pile of paper. If she's reading this, wrong move. This is about your eternity, your soul not some petty bullshit money. You sold your soul by committing a crime. You compromised your integrity for money. Was it worth it? Eternal damnation for 1 billion years?

And Mark Bunker, nobody is getting off this rock, outta hell. Only the good go free.

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