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Confidentiality Agreements For The Church Of Scientology

In a court of Law, Criminal, you can still break that contract and show up to testify. But then later they will sue you for breach of Contract.

Meaning, you can show up and do the right thing, but then they will file a separate lawsuit for Breach of Contract, they might not win see Mercury Insurance but they will make your life a living hell lol. Get it lol

You can then counter sue them for the 1st Breach of Contract lawsuit and win. For assets see Court and Justice.

Some people don't want to walk that walk, and then again, some people do lol If you want to play this game, get up the conditions, meaning, apply your ethics book, then you will have the resources to play this game, what's money if you can't spend it lol

The Cartel Corporation can sue them here or in Mexico lol If something happened to one of their daughters, in the Sea Org.

They can contact Roberto Sánchez Núñez , he can help, he was helping people for no money in type 3 meltdowns when the psychs over there refused. The psychs over in Mexico, refused to help for no money. They put money ahead of human life and violated their oath, that they took.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Get a criminal attorney, who will give you the correct advice. Anybody can sue anybody, I'm not an attorney, so I highly recommend going to a criminal attorney and the police before your statue of limitations has run out. Especially, if what happened to me, happened to you.

Btw, Uncle Harv, confidentiality agreements, where would David Miscavige get that idea? I know the CIA uses them, I ran into this guy at this party and he just bitched about making a movie on location. He had to sign confidentiality agreements with the CIA, everybody part of that crew did.

All he did was bitch about having to sign a confidentiality agreement, he couldn't go to the press, he couldn't go to reporters, he couldn't say a thing about what he saw, his 1st amendment rights, free speech, he wanted to talk about what he saw, and how he felt about it. LMAO Bitch, bitch, bitch, that's all this guy did ok. I was like dude, I told him, you know what, you're lucky dude, in the old days, the CIA would have just killed you. That's all these guys do, bitch, whine, they are victims of their jobs, they should be happy, thankful, he even had a fuckin job to begin with. Oh no, it's all about him and his feelings.

And what did he see that was so horrible that made him bitch, I really don't know, something to do with some ops, in the jungle, somewhere. I really didn't care, this is their job, working for our gov, this is what they do, they didn't need some ass kissing whiner ruining their gig. Personally, if it was up to me, and I was there and it was legal, I would have just taken him out of the game, end of story, old ways work best, nobody to spill the beans LMAO.After all, he can be replaced, you can always get another grip, gaffer, a dude pushing tape etc etc. It's not like he was a movie star.

Now everybody is all about the law LMAO Civil, lawsuits, meaning if you break your agreement, contract with the CIA, they will sue you, civil, very mob like, but I think it works. So where did David Miscavige get this idea from? Other actors/actresses, his celebs, like Tom Cruise? It's normal in the biz, the industry, I guess. But that's with the CIA, not the general public, not a church and for sure not crimes on U.S. soil. I think David Miscavige wants to go work for the CIA instead of being the leader of this church. That's me being sarcastic. LMAO.

Do your homework, online, here's an example of a website that gives you info on David Miscavige, I don't know how long, Steve Hall's website will be up, him and his wife just had a baby, got mouths to feed, if you know what I mean, jelly bean LMAO.

This is something David Miscavige instituted, not the founder L. Ron Hubbard. He didn't stifle people's comm, their voice etc etc. 1st amendment, freedom of speech. Otherwise he would have done that too.

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