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My Story by Kathy Gold

Confession #3

At Hanover, I started really reading Science Of Survival, the first thing I did was read everything about 1.1's, covert hostility. Sure gay people are in that band.

But I didn't give a fuck about that, I was being undermined by Maritza, the escrow officer, day in and day out and I couldn't for the life of me get rid of this bitch ok.

Mariza's crimes, forgery, she forged Trust Deeds and some reconveyances. I had 3 separate incidences. Forgery is against the law.

We had a Board of Investigations in our own company and I presented my evidence. I finally told them cause their confront of evil was so fuckin low, look, this bitch doesn't care whether we get paid or not, she still get's her paycheck. That was it, I won.

Ok, Jennifer Carle would not get rid of her and Stephen Goldfield protected her to no end. He wanted her there to fuck with everybody, to cause them enturubulation, drama rama. If the loans didn't close they couldn't eat, pay their rent, a constant worry, struggle or PTP about one's survival let alone going up a fuckin bridge. Restim city, you can't have any peace and just grow, expand, naturally, normally.

The same guy that lied to me when he hired me, we played a game, if I got highest evers, I would get a bonus, raise. But he personally had a policy on his books that he forgot to tell me when we went into our personal agreement, if you weren't a loan officer or an investment counselor you can't make more than $2k a month, salary.

I got my back pay, bonuses and a raise to $2300 a month from Charlene, she lead the executive team that turned things around. Our whole staff went months without pay to turn his ship, company around. After that was done we got rewarded and then Goldfield came back and flipped out. Started firing everybody, take out mode. His missed withhold, my company is doing fine without me, can't have that.

I saw it coming a mile away in slow motion, so I left my post and moved over to be Dean's executive assistant, the job Brynn had, she left for whatever reason. Goldfield reduced my pay, back down to $2k a month, but I still had the same responsibilities, so I was like this is out exchange. I moved over to be Dean's assistant and got my $2k. It went quick.

Anyway, I started reading about this band, everything, through the whole book, I just ate it up. My main concern, pedafilia, I did not want to marry a pedafile. My worst fear and nightmare.

And now going wholetrack, I know why. I can't kill one, any actually, here, I'd go to to jail. With Nikki in that life it was easy, our son's, the teachers, so I killed a few. No big deal, Nikki was fine with it, our son's were more important. Nikki was like Jett in that respect.


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