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My Story by Kathy Gold

Comm Lag

I'm 24-48 hours and Jett is 24 hours. Scott O'Malley is 72 hours, if him and his wife get divorced, he will do well with a woman that is 72-96 hours.

I went off Scott's actions, based on his communication. He never forwarded my resume and letters of recommendation. He lied. Like most people do on the 3rd dynamic, work, groups.

I on the other hand don't lie, no reason to. If I say I'm gonna let others know, I actually do it. That's the difference. In the workplace, it's acceptable to lie and act one way in an email when your intention is something else.

After reading his email, it's 1.1 covert hostility or stab in the back. He's lying. He was never gonna flow me any power on the 3rd dynamic towards work, money, my survival. For whatever reason or reasons.

The "take care" really tells alot.

So, if he was never gonna flow me any power, what were his intentions, free sex, to use me. No love. If he felt anything in his heart and soul for me, he would have lifted his fingers and forwarded my resume and letters of recommendation to people he knew, his clients at other companies, after all it's online marketing and promotion, to help his clients, bring in leads, sales, e-commerce, gross income etc etc. If they make more money, then they can spend more money on his company. It would have been a win win for him too.

Example Ray Kroc, the Founder of McDonalds.

While crossing the wall of fire, I got his mental image pictures and computations. At a later time, we could meet and he could fuck me to get me out of his system. That's the wrong computation to have. He's married. So I applied my psych ops training and got him out of my system. This allowed me to put my attention on other things that had nothing to do with him and move forward.

When I first met him at 1928, I picked up on out 2d, I could smell it. My guts, my instincts. After my last email I picked up more computations, not just from his wife but the group he's part of. They are coffee drinkers, caffeine, adrenaline. There's another woman that has invested alot of time into him and is not willing to let him go and it's not his wife. Whether they are cheating or not, I have no idea. Ok. But people who interact on the 3rd dynamic, get to know each other, it takes years to form a bond, a friendship and that could lead to other things.

Anyway, I validated my knowningness of other women in his life. He's cute and has a nice smile. He's quite charming when he wants to be I'm sure. I don't know any other data about him other then what I've read online. I went trolling, PR, he's also 3 years younger then me. I don't get with guys younger then me, Jon Mackinder is 8 days older then me. I have my own quals on the 2nd dynamic.

I've never been with a married man this life nor cheated. It's not something I do and is not part of my operating basis. But I have learned how to handle it. I move on. It's wrong, it's an out 2d. I send them back home to their wives LMAO. If he's so miserable then he should get divorced and approach me in an upfront fashion but most people don't do that, they don't put the time and energy into a long term relationship, meaning marriage. Maybe in a movie but not in real life. And most women assume in time things will change so they get involved in that game. I'm not most women.

Brad Pitt actually divorced Jennifer Aniston and then approached Angelina Jolie for something more.

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