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My Story by Kathy Gold

Christine Brown

When I was crossing the wall of fire, I was on my facebook page before getting locked out. Christine Brown, she was my friend from school. Junior High, we met at Fulton Junior High.

I used to go over to Chris's house, to wake her up, so she would go to work, she wouldn't answer her phone. This is what friends do for each other, when they genuinely care about the person.

Years later, I told her, I couldn't be friends with her if she continued to do drugs. My R-factor to her. Two weeks later, per her, she stopped doing drugs and she goes around crediting me, singing my praises for her decision to stop using drugs. I've told her over and over again, dude, thanks but this is what friends do, that's the hat of a real friend. I'm not responsible for her not doing drugs anymore, she is, that was the choice she made, the decision she made. As a friend, I just told her where I was at, the truth, like any friend would.

So when I was crossing the wall of fire, I spotted Chris, she was my sister in a previous life, pre earth, marcab shit lol. She was the black sheep of the family. My family all implanters, including me, she was a cop, she loved the uniform but couldn't do the job. In name only.

Chris tried to get me to convert, conform to her chosen religion, Jehovah's witnesses, I wasn't interested and when we talked about it, I told her, hey, Scientology is not about giving up your faith ok, you can be a Jehovah's witnesses and a scientologist. There is no, one or the other.

I don't hate Chris, I'm just not interested in having her in my life. I always felt like there was a weight that came with being friends with her and after I crossed the wall of fire, that weight had lifted. It was gone.

I realized, me and Chris have nothing in common and she's not worthy of trust, just like in that life when me and her were sisters. She will always compromise her integrity for a man, give up her morals for a guy and not be true to herself. She's easy to blackmail, use and suppress. She allows these things, this is who she is. My father in that life hatted all of us as well as our mother. Chris didn't listen, didn't care and assumed because she wore a uniform she would be ok, she has connections on the force lol.

She ended up as a stripper on welfare, barely getting by, then ending up dealing drugs. Her life did not end well. She got hooked up with a guy, he did sex tapes of her and when he was done with her, used em. She got fucked for life and her kid too that she had out of wedlock. He eventually took the kid and left her alone.

Chris is not someone I would trust with my life. She'll never come through and you'll just die. She hasn't changed in all that time. I love her, I like her, like a sister but that was then and this is now. In present time, she's just a friend from school. My journeys, my paths are not hers. She has her own path, her own journey to walk, to learn and hopefully improve.

I got her computation too, she thought about helping me with my website stuff, but she decided her kid came first and a friend gave her kid a job. Her kid supports her, pays for her rent etc etc. She never got up the conditions to handle that but instead bought the lie again that a guy would save her. A man.

I never asked her for that job. She told me about it later, like a year later lol. Wow, she thought about me in her computation. Big deal. She never actually did anything to help me in the physical universe. When push comes to shove, I won't be there for her, she'll have to rely on others to help her. It's out exchange for me to help her in the physical universe with anything. I'm done.

Chris also has a psych drug history now in present time. After Scientology, she went to a psych and took the drugs they prescribed her. She later told me, she weened herself off of them. They made her fat and she had other side effects. I don't know why she tried them, I already hatted her about them, but I guess she assumed a person with a degree, a piece of paper knew better then her. Per Chris, she's celibate too. Both of us are. It's a choice we both made, and we weren't in communication with each other. We just reconnected when shit hit the fan and that's how I found out. Is she still celibate, I have no idea. I haven't spoken to her in years. But I noticed she started communicating with other people on facebook, the so called Scientologists and ex scientologists, the ones that were attacking me. I'm assuming she never read my notes, my blog. Those people on there on not my friends lol.

She never bothered to get in comm with me and find out my side, I think she likes to be told what to do and easily accepts lies told by others. She's never once had my back, she talks a good game but in reality when push comes to shove, she'll betray me in a heart beat, her actions on facebook have proven that to me as well as her actions of not doing anything to help me personally.

I'm not interested in having fake friends. Only real people I can count on to have my back when I need it. In my opinion, Chris is out exchange, in lower conditions, confusion. She doesn't believe it's ok to pay her taxes. And is always on the look out to sue someone for money. She prefers the easy ride but that's a fantasy, it's all in her head. So yeah, she's probably a criminal. If she gets off this rock, I suspect, she'll have many trips to the implant station for treatment. She's easily spinned around.

Back in school there was four of us girls that hung out, me, Karen and Sherry Kitching and Teresa. Teresa and Chris would hang out, look for guys etc etc. We were young lol. Chris wasn't part of our group, Teresa was. The summer of 1982, we all hung out at Castle Golfland, that's where Teresa met James Ashton, the guy she gave her virginity too. She loved him very very much. After the summer, Teresa changed, I found out James dumped her. She got withdrawn, she never recovered from that.

Teresa had a drug history, including LSD. Her and Chris used to go to the Sherman Oaks Galleria and steal clothes, that was their favorite pastime. I never got involved in that. I knew it was wrong and not ok.

It was stealing. I would hear both of them boast about how they did it, how much fun it was. To go in the department store, try on clothes, they would put clothes on top of clothes and walk out with it. I never had a desire to do that. I would just pay for my clothes.

I didn't fit in with Teresa's and Chris's group there. They were thick as theives and I didn't get involved. Even Sherry Kitching tried it with Teresa, I didn't. I knew it was wrong, they just never got caught.

They also never took any responsibility for their actions, they never did amends to those department stores. They knew it was wrong and they didn't care. They assumed, hey, nobody knows, it's all good lol.

And they had alot of cool clothes ok, I mean the very best money could buy at that time. I wasn't envious when they showed me the clothes, I was like ok, whatever lol. I just went shopping by myself and bought my own clothes. So, they weren't jordache jeans or chemin de fers, so what, at least I never stole them.

That's the criminal mind, they had no remorse for their actions. They didn't feel bad at all and of course it was all justified, because they could and nobody caught them lol.

So while in school, 10th grade, Teresa disappeared. I got a call from her, so me and my bf at that time, Cindy, we went over to see Teresa during the day, we skipped school, she sounded frantic and needed my help. So, me and Cindy went over there. I remember standing in the kitchen and Teresa is going on about a bunch of shit, she didn't make any sense. She was going on about the FBI and martians, UFO's ok.

I didn't know what to do for her and neither did Cindy, we were only 16 years old. I kept my TR's in, just listened. I had no advice to give her. I felt bad, she was also still upset with James and she was erratic, up and down etc etc.

I realized when crossing the wall of fire, I thought about my own life experiences and I figured it out, if you commit crimes in present time and not take any responsibility for them, meaning not own up to them and then not do amends for them, you're not gonna make it.

With Teresa, it was a combination of breaking the law, theft, stealing, drugs LSD and of course the out 2d with James. She wasn't married to him and for her, that was a big thing. I don't know what happened to Teresa, I heard she moved to Venice Beach area and was dating another guy but that didn't last and she never really recovered. That was when I was 19 or so. I'm gonna assume she's dead now.

I also noticed, this seems to be the standard theme right before someone has a psychotic breakdown, it's in the ethics book and I was reading about this and noticed to handle this guy's breakdown/meltdown she was applying my religion naturally, normally, she had him touch things in the physical universe like a tree to bring him into present time. She too figured it out, I'm not the only one and she's not a Scientologist. But she is an artist lol.

Sure people make mistakes, they learn from them, they straighten out, but if you don't take any responsibility for your actions in present time to make a wrong a right, you won't survive when you actually cross that wall of fire. I didn't make those rules. You'll have to take that up with God.

If you think those things that Teresa did was not that big of a deal, or she was young, blah blah blah, that's what we as Scientologists say as a low confront and justifications. It was ok that she did that, she's not really a bad person. No she wasn't a bad person, she was actually fun to be with, she had a great sense of humor. Me and Teresa got along great lol.

But it was a big deal for her to steal, it was a big deal for her to do drugs, especially LSD and it was a big deal for her to give up her virginity. Those things in a combination along with whatever else she was doing lead to her to start having a psychotic break or a meltdown. Nobody put Teresa's or Chris's ethics in when they were young, they had to learn from it by not repeating those same mistakes. I just knew it was wrong to steal, it was wrong to break the law and no amount of peer pressure was gonna get me to change my mind. I didn't give a fuck if everybody I knew was not gonna be my friend, I still wasn't gonna break the law and steal. And that is called ethics. I made a pro survival choice.

I didn't know it then but by me not compromising my integrity to fit in, to be part of the in crowd etc etc that helped me cross the wall of fire and I didn't die. Like I said, LRH was the first rebel of the psych industry, I'm just a rebel lol.

update Monday, June 25, 2012

Chris called me yesterday lol. She's nut's. We talked and I told her I couldn't have kids. She then went on about how my ovaries were stolen. Ok, That's weird and she's reading into the vids I posted on my facebook account. Again, another person who never bothered to get in comm with me but instead is trying to figure me out. That's crazy. Instead of reaching out to me and getting in comm, she looked at who were my friends on facebook and reached out to them. The name she dropped was Chuck Beatty. I told her, I don't know these people, these people are not my friends lol. What an idiot. I also told her, we were done. And told her, this url lol. In Scientology we would call her psychotic. It's not normal behavior and she is a very small being.

FYI Chris, I still have my ovaries lol. You're an idiot.

Updated Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Chris, let me guess, you fucked Jeff when I was married to him, while I was at work. Remember all those times, while I was at work, you would come over and use our swimming pool and of course go into my home, wet, with your towel, while he was at home. Jeff's fav, he told me, bathing suits, they turned him on Not lingerie but bathing suits ok, I always thought that was weird, not normal ok LMAO wow he cheated on me with you, that's the real reason he stopped having sex with me. I'm sure there were others like Sherry Kitching, you weren't the first. He just would never admit to it. There was more than one reason he stopped having sex with me, one month after we got married. He wanted me to bail, not that hard to figure out. He's out of present time and needs and wants a woman that will headfuck him, spin him around and lie, that wets his whistle. Truth and honesty doesn't. I think that's what he really loved about LeAnn, she headfucked him sooooo good, he got really great O's couple that with drugs and he was in heaven LMAO.

So while I would call you on the phone crying, you just sat there on the phone, listening. The big secret is out. I don't really give a fuck LMAO I was never in love with Jeff, I was looking for Jett in Jeff and now that I've crossed that wall of fire, who cares. I'm going to target 3 and both of you aren't LMAO

Updated June 29, 2013

This is the last comm I got from Christine Brown.

I don't ever want to talk to her ever again. She didn't have my back on facebook and sided with the enemy. Chris, fuck you, you're a fuckin whore.

Updated September 2, 2013

Me and Chris

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