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My Story by Kathy Gold

Chaplain at Celebrity Centre

While in my 6 month relationship engaged to be married to Jon Mackinder, I called the chaplain at CC Int several times, she was too busy to get back to me, to set an appointment to meet with me and Jon. Three words, Lisa Marie Presley.

Per her, Lisa was her baby, she's known Lisa all her life. Lisa was more important to help, to see, etc etc, then to help me, a non celebrity, I had to wait until she was done with Lisa. This went on for weeks. Somewhere in June of 1998. I dropped it after a while. I said fuck it.

I was busy, with my business, my life, my shit.

There is only so much, one person can do. It's a 2 terminal universe. Why does the parishoner have to call over and over and over again. Why does the parishoner have to 8-c help? That's out exchange. It should be the other way around, after all, the parishoner is the person who is paying for this service in the first place. Why are celebrities 1st on the list? This is a church not a hotel.

I was asking for church services not for room service.

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