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My Story by Kathy Gold

Cause Over Exteriorization

This Church was always a Church about cause over exteriorization, when your soul leaves your body, you know where to go and how to get there.

That's the whole point of the OT Levels, it's a gradient so you don't die. To operate in an exterior state, exterior to your body, do processes, drills so that when you die, you are good to go wherever you want in the universe, play any game you want. Total spiritual freedom.

Past OT8 there are more drills, processes etc etc. But now, it's all gonna go away. Based on everybodies actions including David Miscavige, mankind is not suppose to have this technology. They are not capable of handling this, no responsibility and accountability for their actions. Going out ethics, will make you crash and burn.

No more OT levels will be released ever again. If David Miscavige didn't copyright the upper levels, after OT8, then only he has access to them, OT9 and OT10 won't get released until a certain number of orgs are Saint Hill Size and that's not gonna happen. It costs too much money, the cost of living is too high.

You can't live on $50.00 a week and pay your rent, car insurance, etc etc and too many people always bitching, complaining that sea org members are so stupid for helping people obtain this. How dumb we are, making fun of us for what we look like, what clothes we wear etc etc. We're not your fuckin slaves, we were there to help you and now we're done. Ha Ha, we win, you lost, your soul, you'll now have to take up all matters with the numero uno head guy, God, while I laugh my ass off or LMAO all the way to target 3.

If you are a class 12 auditor, run your own processes at home, just don't tell anyone lol create your own universe, have fun and I'll see you on target 3, new games to play, not old ones from past lives lol. That's pretty boring, old, yawn. The case spins, but not the universe.

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