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My Story by Kathy Gold

Can't Gage My Emotions

Not my fuckin problem. It's your problem. You can't look at facts and understand. You have no compassion or empathy for what occurred to me. Then you have major problems and I already know that you have major out ethics in your past lives. You are a criminal and belong in an implant station for treatment.

Go to your local psych hospital and get treatments. No crossing the wall of fire for you. Your soul will have to get infused and en-tombed for 1 billion years, my guess you're a pedafile and you know it. If you have children in present time, you know and you don't want to hurt any children ever again, even your own.

Man (that includes women too lol ) is basically good and will try to withold themselves from doing the wrong thing. Psych drugs won't cure you, it will help you stay out of present time and prevent you, from crossing the wall of fire.

It's ok, go live it up. There is no next life for you.

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