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My Story by Kathy Gold

CLC or Computer Learning Center

In 1995, I went back to school. I was in the Insurance Industry, I sold car insurance. I had an insurance license. I sold consistently 16-25 policies a week. I worked 6 days a week. But there was a cap, a glass ceiling and I hit it.

So, I was thinking, I wanna do something fun, and I was watching 20/20 and the makers of myst came on and I was like, I wanna do that, I want to create video games. So I went back to school. Computer Learning Center was a trade school.

I had a choice to do it part time 13 months or full time 9 months. I opted for fulltime. I went to school and after school, waited on tables. I quit my insurance job, went over to Baker's Square and got a job and started school the next Monday.

It would be faster. Each month was considered a module. I also got a student loan. I had to learn Cobol, I was part of the evolution of where the industry was switching from Cobol to C, mainframes.

My eighth month, my instructor told me about this company called Digital Planet and how they made websites for movies. I was like, I want to do that, so after I graduated, two weeks later, I went to my recruiter and told her, get me an interview, I want to work there. She did and I got hired.

A little joke, ever see the woman who created Cobol? She was navy, we used to joke about her in class ok.

What this school taught me was how to read a book ok LMAO. My degree was in computer programming. Everything in web was self taught including HTML, CGI/Perl Scripts and of course graphics, photoshop. I haven't written code in 18 years. As for HTML, I call it word processing ok, there is no logic to it. It's just flat with brackets. No big deal. There were no HTML editors when I started, everything was by hand. I learned on a Unix platform.

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