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Was put there by LRH and Dr. Thomas Szasz. Another hungarian lol It was put there to fight abuses, go after psychs, shrinks who broke the law and fucked their patients. There are alot of abuses in this industry, who will help these victims? I guess nobody. Go to court yourself, take a journey. Nobody is gonna have your back and help you for no money.

When you get out of a psych hospital, go to a CCHR, covert ops lol Play a game or go down tone to seriousness. lol.

This is not a front group for Scientology, my religion. It was a place to help victims. Really help for non profit. Court. Doing the right thing. This too wil be gone in the years to come. My guess is, when Dr. Thomas Szasz dies, it will go away.

If you don't want to know, then don't look and go about your life, like everything is ok. Don't worry, these crimes never make it to mainstream, there are sooooo many. It's quite overwelming for the victims to confront. No other organization that will do it. Oh well. Not my problem.

For every 1 auditor that breaks the auditors code, there are 1000 psychs, shrinks that do the same thing.

Just route them all to the police, it's the law. If the police don't do their job, sue, court. Enough people need to go to the ACLU and do a class action lawsuit against the police for not doing their job. It's a historical fact, the ACLU loves to sue the police here in Los Angeles county. That's what they are known for, their reputation.

Eventually enough lawsuits will get filed against them, they'll get it. They have plenty of money ok. Go for their pensions, that will wake them all up lol Rise and shine lol.

Updated September 11, 2012

This is the future of this country. This is what you will have to do, if you don't want your child on drugs. Already a law, not even the police obey their own laws, why should anybody else? Forget this society, this civilization, is on it's way out, too much out ethics. wow she got an award, big fuckin deal, that woman had to fight for 9 months to protect her child, to stop them from making her a slave and save her kids life. Yeah, she deserves more, much more. As a responsible parent this is what you will have to deal with, for your kids. And if you think this has nothing to do with you, then you're an idiot.

Crack your own case and get to target 3, the fleet. We will be in a position of power, not them. And checks and balances will go in, never again will this happen, to our children. When the children cry, never more shall we try Big pharma, this planet is all yours. We are outta here.

Updated September 16, 2012

Dr. Thomas Szasz has died,0,1924828.story

Updated June 8, 2013

Jan Eastgate, an attorney, the work she did, inspired by this movie. It was huge, it made headlines. It took a long time to shut that down. Stop the deep sleep therapy. Many many years. She saved alot of people but it doesn't excuse what she did to that little girl. And she wasn't the only attorney that worked on this. She was one of a team.

Chelmsford Deep Sleep
Australian Chelmsford scandal

How many people actually died, total from this, 100, 1000, what? What are the stats?

Here's a running account of how long, how many years it took ok. Now why they didn't continue doing that, over and over and over again all over the world, is beyond me, ok. Or doing more cycles at once. Or was it just a one time shot, for prestige, to show she has a high confront of evil, you know make her famous within Scientology and gain respect etc etc. PR to razzle, dazzle LMAO

If her ethics were in, I mean really in, she would have done the right thing. Helped that little girl instead of trying to protect the reputation of a church ok. This is just common sense.

You know kids, if this inspires you, I highly suggest you go play that game. Stop reading about it, do something to help others. There is alot of abuses in this field, ok. Take your pick. LMAO

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