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Breakdown of Olaiya Odufunke

She joined the Sea Org, her kid didn't. Her 2d line in present time was cut. She continued on working to help mankind, her purpose in life, her goals, she wanted to make this world a better place for her kid too, but her own 2d was not handled, not resolved in present time.

They broke rules in OSA, she says they culled folders, pc folders, for ops to run, find the person's operating basis and spin their case thereby their life in to prevent it from getting worse, the scene, court, the person won't take full responsibility meaning 100%, cause the hidden church party line is, they are not responsible for a person's case, past lives. That is true, but as an organization, they are responsible for stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for their parishoner. Something they refuse to do, they just take the money with no responsibility. That's out-exchange. Criminal exchange. The church under LRH's leadership delivered blue white diamond service. Not anymore, they deliver below that, most of the time it's criminal out exchange.

But in doing that, they started playing God. They saw how easy it was to fuck someone up and watched from a distance as each person perished, went down that dwindling spiral and might have even died in present time. That is suppressive. And she was forced by her job to go into the SP valence. That was the choice she was given, your job, 3rd and 4th dynamic and your eternity or take the guy/girl out. Wrong move on her part. She too was a Sea Org member, she didn't apply ethics. She did not make ethical choices from her post, pan determined. Or she did, but wasn't allowed to do her job from a pan determined viewpoint. Instead, got into games conditions with these people. So not ok.

That would be an overt or overts in present time, as a church you are suppose to help people, your parishoners, use your own religion to help others. This thing that OSA does, their own people were committing transgressions, overts of commission and ommission in present time on a daily basis.

Not hard to spin people in, leave them in confusion and watch them die. It's done everyday.

That keyed in Olaiya Odufunke's case, past lives and OT3, the cancer there, first sign. She didn't cross the wall of fire. The 2d=4d, it's a combination, you really have to be an implanter to get how it works or wholetrack psych.

I'm sure Olaiya Odufunke was hoping at some point to reconcile with her daughter. I'm sure there is more and is OSA now monitoring her too? Gonna run ops on her daughter? Revenge perhaps, a violation of the way to happiness?

All this to stop what they perceive as potential threats. Ok, who made them God? Nobody, so they are fucked on that point LMAO, they'll have to do personal amends in present time to the parishoners they have harmed if they want to come up out of lowers. The declares were just paper, ethics gradients, not actually suppose to be enforced, not really cutting people's comm lines in present time, not ruining people's lives and their livelihoods, that's evil ok and that's what real SP's do.

So people don't listen, so what, it's their case and not everybody, my guess is maybe 2 percent go nuts ok, the rest are fine. But let me guess, David Miscavige wanted a clean record, not even 2 percent lol.

He's insane and nuts. No real man, with compassion in his heart and soul would be so cold to do this to another human being. Look at my story, my side. This happened and they hope it will go away, like it didn't. It won't go away, that is the reality of it. But they refuse to confront it.

What David Miscavige was, I saw an able guy that talked Jesse Prince down from killing people up at int, if he didn't have high confront then, he wouldn't have been able to do it, but this, with OSA, always on guard, always waiting, etc etc, is wrong. He is now 52, he's come into his own. His long term affair with Jenny Linson, instead of being honest with his own wife, his own life, he decided to go down a different path. Even the founder didn't try to 1.1 kill off his own wife, MSH when he wanted a divorce. He just left, split and left her alone. The founder wasn't gonna allow this woman to stop him from obtaining his own spiritual freedom. He did the right thing, who cares what everybody else thinks. They were not him, they didn't walk in his shoes, he was a real masculine man, like my father, the commodore.

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