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Blame Shame and Regret

It's low on the tone scale, feelings, a loss on whatever, a 2d, a 3d, a 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d, 8d or any combination can trigger the key in on the case to start crossing the wall of fire. Hence all the way back to the 1st, death.

The person starts to look inward and blames themselves, shame themselves, regret, they look inward, rolling back their memory, what could have I done differently, like Puff Daddy with Biggie, he talks about that in his interviews and songs. He still has pain in his heart for the bro of his.

Going to a movie, you are hearing, seeing, audio, visio, and there are many other perceptions, or more combination of factors.

The movie with Reese Witherspoon, spy vs spy, lol date night movie.

At certain moments in the movie, sounds are amplified, words, when people are rolling back their own memories things can trigger it and pop at around that same time those words are amplified within that memory creating a lock. But that's present time ok.

Now take that and add past lives and the genetic entity into that equation, yeah a big ole smorgasbord, only the individual knows himself or herself better than anyone else on this planet or their soulmate. That's about it. So they have to do it themselves, for high level security reasons. Hush hush if you know what I mean lol.

For Puff Daddy, maybe Biggie was his brother in many lifetimes by DNA, so that keys in a loss of his brother in those lifetimes as well, including pre earth all the way to OT3 when the universe ended. It's been all this time and it still hasn't as ised in his universe, you can just tell. He wants to cry for the loss of his brother, he feels guilty that he's made it while Biggie is gone. Maybe Biggie left, only Puff Daddy knows for sure, that's how strong their bond is, like me and my dad and me and Jett.

Now try telling that to a psych or a shrink and they will tell you, you are crazy, here's some meds. They don't acknowledge bonds with people, familiar past life bonds. When you find people that get you, you have a tendency to play with those same people lifetime after lifetime. You trust them, you know they will always have your back, die for you ok. It's huge.

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