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My Story by Kathy Gold

Being Bullied

So, those 2 girls when I was 8/9 years old. Here's what happened, I was called names, picked on etc etc, I had no brothers, no sisters, just me. One day, during PE, I got picked as the captain of the dodge ball team, the white girl was also picked as the captain of the other team. Both girls, were like, we've got this in the bag, ok. I was like whatever.

So we started picking team mates, of course all the good players went on their side. On my team, it was a mismatch. So, that was the hand I was dealt. I was like ok. So what I did, was gave everybody a chance, instead of putting all the good players first and the bad players last, I mixed it up. I went, good, bad, good, bad etc etc in that rotation. I wanted to give the girls a chance to play, an opportunity.

It was cool. Well, low and behold my team pulled it off ok. We kicked the other teams ass, the other side couldn't believe it, it got so bad cause the girls revolted, that team captain came over and apologized LMAO. It was too funny, she almost ran away from embarrassment, from her failed hat as the captain of that team. The other girls, that were all smug and shit, came over to me and wanted to join my team.

Too funny, that was a cool lesson to learn. So there was no violence that day.

But in California there was. I was now at the Valley Alternative School in Lake Balboa. This black girl hated me, we were both on the soft ball team. The guy she liked was nice to me, we were in comm, and she was jealous. She was bussed in from south central. She slowly started to terrorize me, day after day because of this. I just gone through all this shit with my dad leaving and my mother, it was in the spring of 1981 and all the bullshit happened in 1980. Halloween, was the day my father left.

Anyway, one day in softball, she took a baseball bat and started hitting the ground, and yelling, see that's Kathy's head, over and over again. She wanted to make sure I heard it. I observed and zipped it.

Then one day, I was standing outside of the classroom and she was coming out of the classroom, she saw me walking up the stairs, she decided at that moment to make me her punching bag. I flipped out. She pushed me into the railing to get the fuck out of her way and I started wailing on her like no tommorrow, the next thing I know, 3 black guys from south central are holding me down in the classroom cause I was gonna kill her.

Wow, we got sent to the principal after that, big fuckin deal, that didn't stop this woman from attacking me. So, I had some friends in the parking lot, they were white biker stoners, I was part of that club too. See to go off campus for lunch you had to pass through that parking lot to get some food. So, they all decided to fuck with her back, seeing how they heard about what she did to me.

Then one day, I was in the bathroom with my bf, Michelle Boyd, smoking cigs and in walks her and her posse and I was like, here we go. She came up to me, put out her hand and said I'm sorry. I was like ok. She apologized and wanted to put it behind us. No she never did amends, but she got it, it was in her best interest to not use me as her punching bag. I was 15. We shook on it and that was it. After that, we were like hi bye when we saw each other.

If someone tries to use me as a punching bag, I will fight back. I don't back down. This is the lesson I learned not just from my father but from life and in the public school system. It's not a color thing, it's more than one reason. So if you are getting bullied, I highly suggest Krav Maga, do not allow others to use you as their punching bag, you are not a solution for their problems, whatever they are.

In the year 2012, they will prescribe psych drugs, so, I suggest you follow the law because anyone on them will go out of present time and assume you are somebody else, that tried to kill them. Get the police involved, go by the letter of the law to protect yourself and your family and if need be, sue the school for allowing this and contributing to this scene. People on psych drugs have a tendency to become more violent, which of course will lead to that person getting a gun. So, get everybody involved, make as much noise as possible, stand your ground. Go for their pensions. The unions have a shit load of money.

A note about Valley Alternative School. When I was in 5 grade, my father put me on a waiting list to get into this school. It took 2 years and I got accepted. It was a great school, this school at that time, gave students a choice, independence, freedom. We called our teachers by their first names, we were all on equal footing, equal ground. It was K-12. Most of my friends were in the 11th and 12th grade. I went to Fulton Junior High School in 7th grade but after a few weeks, I left, I got accepted to this school. I only went to Valley Alternative for 2 years, for 9th grade, I went back to Fulton Junior High School, where I met alot of people as well as Christine Brown and of course my peeps from Hazeltine Elementary.

Updated September 2, 2013

Valley Alternative School or VAS

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