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My Story by Kathy Gold

Battlefield Earth

I actually bought and read the paperback version. I was in the sea org, the first time in 1991, waiting for my sec check to route out. I loved this book, I read it from front to back, cover to cover, I couldn't put it down, it took me 48 hours. It was so good. I also liked the movie, I didn't need to see it three times. I enjoyed it.

Btw, I read on Jeff Hawkins board that David Miscavige inflated the book sales for Battlefield Earth and those figures were used to get Sony Studios to finance the movie. I'm sure the statute of limitations has run out already, nobody notified Sony Studios, they all knew like Marty Rathbun, but did nothing.

So the big purple guys, psychs, expressing his feelings, remember he was an artist too. He was expressing his feelings about the soul, the GE the genetic entity that his fellow psychs took out of the equation. Remember LRH was the 1st rebel of the psych industry, I'm just a rebel lol.

Purple psych colors. red+blue=purple psych colors also means gay, he wasn't gay lol

I already know how it ends lol in real life, present time. Don't need to wait on a rock to experience it lol I'll just hook up with my soulmate on target 3 lol

In present time it meant, Ethics. The Ethics Book. The indians are taking their land back. Illegal immigration. I'm hungarian, from the the Magyar tribe, same colors, it all started in Hungary. The hungarian language is the only one people can't crack in code. It's a very very difficult language to decipher.

Did you know Frida Kahlo's dad was Hungarian, yep and I ran into her, she's here in Los Angeles, another artist. Shhhh, she's still playing the art game.

She was the inspiration for my character Gabrielle The Fallen, some would say the gato with the blue eyes. A real mexican american wtih blue eyes.

My Graphic Novel
It's interactive, meaning click on the notes and the dialogue will pop up lol it's fun

I had Rob Rodriguez in mind when I created my graphic novel. In a galaxy far far away, Quentin was my cousin who btw went to Flag and got auditing ok and Rob was his bud. Me and Jett did pick up for my aunt another fleet member, part of my father's crew. I got Quentin and Jett got Rob. This was my car

I sent it already to him via Myspace and his agent at his agent's office, many years ago. I never heard back, I guess Rob wasn't interested in this kind of stuff, I get it, he cheated on his wife, the mother of his children with Rose Mcgowan. Who knows what these people do up at his ranch ok. He'd be out qualed for religion, it would flop because of his PR.

Now the movie I had in mind for Quentin was Lael

But I think that was an implant, a mental image picture. I'm also a last life clear lol I saw that, I just didn't know what it meant at that time. It was me and Quentin sitting at a restaurant talking about Lael, but after Rob was already signed on to make it. Quentin was not interested in Gabrielle but Lael, it's about an assassin. But he's a procrastinator so, I don't think that's gonna ever go anywhere.

I also have indian track. I used this on my soulmate journey in 2008.

I created this illustration to show how I felt after reading this.

The white man betrayed all the tribes here in North America, stole their land, killed and raped their women and children. What comes around goes around. Narconon was given to the Indians in Oklahoma. Sacred Indian land. My skin is also olive. Not white lol.

There will be a big show down, the Indians against the Nazi racist haters. Only one problem, by the time they take their land back, it won't be any good, used up. The last 5 minutes before all the oil is gone. Eternal Damnation.

Btw, when I was crossing the wall of fire, I was driving around in my neighborhood, it looked so familiar to me and then it hit me, the Cartels, they owned their own planets lol. I never had a problem with that Corporation lol. Like I said, after a while we made the planets lol and some Corporations bought them for whatever reason, it was all legal. They had their own implant stations too lol. Part of the deal.

And Jon Mackinder is Jonnie Goodboy Tyler lol he listened to the voices in his head during my type 3 induced meltdown, he's an animal, only animals listen, obey their masters lol implanters lol

The rest of my warriors, I'll see them on Target 3

Gotta secure and set up all the new planets in the universe, time to kill some bugs. Btw did you know Heinlein and Hubbard were room mates in college lol Both writers

All the kids in ww2 that died, they're already there, they never came back to this planet, get it lol.

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