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My Story by Kathy Gold

Back in 2009

I moved here so I could go to the Valley Org, it's down the street where I live. The address is 11436 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601. That's where the new ideal org building is. They bought this property but haven't moved in. It's now June 23, 2013 and still they haven't moved in. That's an outpoint.

Dear Continental Justice Chief,

I have not heard back, I'm following up on the on the last comm I sent you.

Let me know.

Thank You,
Kathy Gold

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kathy Gold <>
Date: Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 3:30 PM
Subject: regarding me

Hello Continental Justice Chief,

I was down at the Valley Org today to get my ethics extension course cert and my evolution of science course, paid for it when I was met with Binah the new has. I was told by her that I am deadfiled as of 9/11/09 from a telex that she could not show me. Nor did she know why other than something about entheta letters.

She did however show me a green on white policy regarding deadfiles.

That didn't give me a why and I told her that I didn't want to read in to it, it didn't make sense, so I'm writing to you to find out why.

She also credited back the money that I paid for the extension course today ( I was on my basics) and was told I basically can't do any scientology and I need to talk to you for more information.

Your reply to my email is most appreciated.

Thank You,
Kathy Gold

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for the e-mail. I am looking into this and will let you know. If you can provide a bit more information about yourself, which organizations you have taken services at, which courses you have taken and any information that may provide a clue as to why you may have been deadfiled, this information would help. Since you were on services last, have you had any ethics situations or connections to antagonistic persons? Let me know.

ml, Richard Valle
PAC Justice Chief

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the responding to my email.

Ok, here is my info:
Well I have been to LADAY, I did my student hat at LADAY and attested to clear there. My PC folder is at AO. I did the hqs course, the human eval course, the dianetics course as well as life improvement courses at CC Int and have not completed my pts/sp course that I was doing at CC Int. (I was trying to do my preps for my ot levels). I also did my objectives and trs at CC Int. I did 2 purifs, my first one at CC Int and my second one at LADAY.
Valley Org, my first course was "How to get along with others"

Since I was on services last, well if you mean in present time, the only ethics situation I can think of is I wrote one KR on the new coop off at the Valley Org.

As for being deadfiled, I really don't know.

Not connected to anyone antagonistic in present time.

If you need more info on what happened on why I fell off lines, I'd be more than happy to supply you with that information.

Dear Richard,

I haven't heard back regarding my cycle and I'm following up.

Dear Richard,

I haven't heard back from you regarding my cycle. It's been about 3 weeks and I have been thinking about my cycle and why I fell off the bridge over 10 years ago. As there is no comm from you regarding the situation at the Valley Org, I'm just going to assume based on my own investigation that nobody wants to resolve this matter of the $26.00 and I have been discriminated against. That's against the law.

I'm going to request a comm ev so that what happened to me over 10 years ago can be addressed in a public forum. I have my evidence and if you would like to review my evidence, I can meet with you in person and give you copies. Or I can scan it all in and email it to you.

If not, that's fine, that's your choice. I need to clear my name so that I can go up my bridge and if others based on their own case and condition want to stop me from going free well then that's their choice, their overt and their crime.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kathy Gold

Dear Richard,

I want to say, thank you for blowing me off in January. I decided to take a journey and apply the ethics book, you know confront and handle. Also I was worried that what if there was an african american woman who had a restim from a past life where she was getting killed in the south or something of that nature, how would the church of scientology handle that? I mean, I figured out that a type 3 sit is just where you are dieing over and over and over again. I actually crossed the wall of fire in my own home in my type 3 meltdown in 98, I just didn't know it. I'm a last life clear.

Anyway, if you get bored, feel free to check out my journeys online:

You can check the photos section for documentation, you know cause I know you won't believe me cause I'm a woman and you all think women are 1.1. Actually we're just smarter, better & faster :)

Feel free to let miscaviage know, just in case shit will hit the fan with osa and tom cruise.

Have a great day, may be you go up the bridge and go ot :)

Much Love,
Kathy Gold
p.s. don't worry, the nsa is on google, we are safe :)
p.s.s i cracked my own case :)

Updated June 26, 2013

After they threw me in jail, I started crossing the wall of fire. I didn't realize it. but I was exterior, 3 feet in back of my head but by them picking me up and throwing me out of AO, I was 6 feet in back of my head, the danger zone. I saw myself getting thrown out of AO, while standing in AO. Then I woke up after I landed on the pavement, meaning back in my bod. I started freewheeling that night. So, I went back the next day, and they threw me in jail. A citizen's arrest. I wouldn't leave. I went over to incomm security and sat down. Peaceful protest. There's cameras in there, so I knew this could be used in court. It would show my actions weren't violent. As I sat there, with my legs crossed in indian style, I applied OT TR0 eyes open. That's what I applied to stay in present time and not go out of present time.

They were both being 1.1 the security guards. I knew they were lying, telling me whatever I wanted to here to get me leave the property even though I was a parishoner. So, I just let them lie, their overt, not mine. Daphna Hernandez was the person I called to get me out of jail. On the back of the of blue form, it says, I had a right to cal my minister to get me out of jail. So I used that card. The catch, it had to be a bonafide religion LMAO.

So I called Daphna and she told me to lie to the police, "don't tell them, you are a scientologist" LMAO but I didn't do that LMAO. Daphna is a criminal, hence criminon her fav. She came to pick me up and then made her wait, for hours. I spoke to the woman at the front desk and she told, that woman is weird ok, you're fine, but she's weird LMAO. I was actually ok in jail. The cops there, just by being there, brought me into present time, I felt safe with the police. I didn't know then why but I went on my guts and instincts. It was kinda a cool experience really to be honest, I've never been in jail before or hee hee.

I got in comm with the prisoners there, truth be told, I felt undercover ok. It was weird, hard to explain, but I felt like one of the cops ok even though I wasn't on payroll. To get exercise, cause I got bored ok, I would just leave my cell and walk around in a circle, exercise. I drove the cops a little nuts in regards to my diet, gluten free. They weren't equipped for it, so I ate apples. Fruit. Anyway, I spoke to a woman in there who told me, after she gets out, she'll have a bill from the City of Los Angeles, a debt she has to pay society but she wasn't gonna pay it. She was like fuck that LMAO. And that pissed me off ok. So I had a comm cycle with her about, this little girl, whose parents were killed in a car accident, she was left orphaned in a split second, they were driving from Las Vegas to California to take her to Disneyland for her birthday, you know what this little girl will remember in her future birthdays to come, that accident and her father's head rolling by her, he was decapitated. So, I brought this up, to this woman, ok, the bitch that killed these people was drunk, she was like 18 years old, the car was owned by her father and they were partying. The woman got off, nothing happened to her. So, she went to jail and has a debt to pay but she'll just blow it off. I asked her, so if someone takes a life and they go to jail, they get out, they have a bill, a debt. How can you put a price on human life? What about this little girl? That money doesn't go to the little girl. It goes to the county of Los Angeles. So, her attorney will have to sue the city. But it doesn't bring back her parents. She was luckly to have survived, she was unconsiouc in the hospital.

Anyway, after I got, I started crossing the wall of fire again. I couldn't sleep so, I went to the Hilton Hotel and that night there was a convention of Jews LMAO Hasidic LMAO what are the odds ok. I couldn't sleep so I left. So I went and drove out to the beach. I was like I'm gonna die, so what the help, I want to do this, stay one night on the beach, I spent like a grand that night LMAO I went to Shutters on the beach

Updated June 29, 2013

Here's my letter of commendation from the Pasadena Org Dated August 18, 2009

Letter from Flag:

Invitation to a briefing:

Proof Showing I was helping CCHR:

This is a receipt for the "News Radio" Script I donated to go into the CCHR Musuem. I think they were gonna try to auction it off for money.

My Intro To Ethics Extension Course Cert:


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