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My Story by Kathy Gold

Artists and Suppressive People

People assume artist's are weak, easy to hit. Easy to control, use, manipulate. Just introvert them on their art, tell them it's shit, you don't like it lol.

They also assume artist's are insecure. We're not. We're just not gonna put up with this shit anymore.

After being thrown under a bus by everybody I loved and trusted. I'm done this life. I never wanted fame lol. Just enough money to go up a bridge, have a stable family, 2D etc etc. What everybody wants.

But nobody cared about my dreams and made sure, my dreams were gone. These are not normal people. There is something wrong with them. My mother, by DNA, her husband, he's a nazi in present time, Jon Mackinder, David Miscavge, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Maureen Bolstad, Dan Stradford and everybody else that was there in my induced meltdown.

And anybody that thinks this is normal behavior, there is something wrong with them, big time.

Qual everybody. Nobody is off limits. We don't qual people by their religion, race, gender, age etc etc, we qual by their comm cycle, their actions.

You say, you are gonna return a phone call, an email and then don't. That's a blow off. Ok. Not professional behavior. I return my phone calls, my emails. I don't blow people off.

That's not discriminatory. You people qual by race, religion, gender, age etc etc.

So to handle, apply tech. Your religion Scientology. Suppressive Persons

Sometimes nobody comes to help you and you die. That is the lesson to learn kids. Trust nobody. Save yourself. Look at Trayvon, nobody helped him and he died. Even that woman, who called 911, she never got off her ass to do something. She ignored it. No, it's not ok, she's a parent, she could have helped.

Like that woman on Oprah with the Purpose Driven Life, she talked that guy down. Ok, she could have done something, instead she ran away. No excuse. Those are the responsibilities of parents.

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