What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about
My Story by Kathy Gold

Appying Tech and Getting Results

These people who have killed you in a past life, did it more then one time and on more then one dynamic. As a masculine man or feminine woman, you will easily be taken advantage of, your feelings.

If you make excuses for them or shit like "We have the tech, we can handle it" or "Anything" then you are being reasonable, out ethics. Apply your ethics book, re read, the policies in there.

If you don't, they will kill you again in present time. That is the reality of it. If they loved you in the first place they never would have killed you. Your case is the one that is unspun, sort it out, spot the correct life and as is it all including the emotions. You'll feel better and can move on with no stuck attention.

If you don't and you go figure figure, you'll go out of present time, so far, that you will go into that sit where you were killed. Now if this is something that interests you, you know, you wanna feel it, experience it, the whole thing, then do it, apply tech to come out of it. To relive when the person you loved in another life, killed you, beat you to death, bloody nose, do it. If you need to go to that dark place to solve that puzzle for you, by all means, do it. Nothing like getting a good wake up call for your heart and soul in technicolor, smell, sound, and of course feeling it, even that point when your heart stopped beating, you stopped breathing, and either stayed in the body or left it. Where did you go next? What did you do? What body did you pick up? Where you a woman or a man?

Apply tech and experience the ride, the journey and never doubt your own knowingness.

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