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My Story by Kathy Gold

Another Confession

I didn't know why I have a thing for Scottish, Irish, Celtic guys ok. I've had friends in the past, they had things for Asian men only, or Italian men only. It wasn't until after Mark that I was like hmmmm. Through my journey, I realized my past lives Earth, my track. I was always drawn to it, the scenery in the movies, the castles, the songs, green sleeves in like 3rd, 4th grade. Only I'm hungarian. So I didn't see it ok but other people from my past lives on the 2d, started to see a common theme and they cognited and then so did I.

Mackinder, Miscavige, Mcpherson, ok. Thank God, I'm Gold or Sutta. I liked Jon because he was from a big catholic family, I didn't even know about his heritage, we never got into that, we talked about our Pirate and Viking days and Miscavige, he was polish, closer to hungarian like Johnny and Mcpherson, she was a hick from Texas ok with a twang.

And that pic I made for Nikki, is celtic. Though I have to admit, the whole IRA thing got me upset. Why they were fighting in the first place. I remember reading a press release about people doing fundraisers to support the IRA ok, and that upset me. These people were perpetuating the third party law, someone was making money off the death and destruction and pain in Ireland, England etc etc. I liked Margaret Thatcher, that woman knew her shit.

To make money off the death of innocent people is suppressive. Anybody can make money off of this shit. As for the chase, I think this guy was part of it computation Gold=Jew=Money or Gold=Money=Jew. Anti Semitic, bikers are pilots but not all bikers are fleet, some are just assholes. I also got comm that the Countess Krak has a high tolerance for pain, his cognition, ok, somebody was eyeing me to be a candidate for abuse again. Only a suppressive fuck who thinks it's ok to hit women would have this cognition, it's an MU or mis understood. Dumb as hell. The men that I crossed paths with, my fathers men, all masculine and don't think it's ok to hit a woman, I suspect all over, mob, biker, black, white all races, my father didn't discriminate etc etc. I don't know, they were his men, their eyes were on the Tech not me. They weren't interested in fucking me or abusing me. Hells Angels, hmmmmm you ride but you are not getting off this rock. No real man hits a woman. My paths never crossed paths with them. But read into it assholes. Can't remember, then write up your O/W's. Oh no, after you're dead, you'll be going into this rock for 1 billion years. Reality. There are black bikers too. And I love this show but it's a TV show not my reality. Not gonna spell shit out for you assholes. If you're real fleet, then you'll read and clear up your MU's. What you want to kill me cause I'm not a racist, I'm a traitor to my race? Go ahead, I'll put you into this rock and then I'm outta here LMAO. My father had a thing for Jewish women, and his men don't give a fuck. As for this guy, I don't know him nor have I ever met him ewww ok. Gross. What you all assumed I'd be a fuck an easy lay cause I'm celibate. Hmmm let's see he's dead now too LMAO. If you come near me, you're next LMAO ok. By your hand not mine.

Updated July 17, 2013

You know how hard it was for me to watch this show while I was crossing the wall of fire? Extremely, me and Jett. Think Jax=Jett and Tara me but not a doctor. I was from another biker family. Two biker families merged, it was Romeo and Juliette only a happy ending. We got married and had babies. All legit, legal businesses and no drugs. Our kingdoms were happy, everybody was. It was a great life. Simple, not shee shee, status, just love. I suspect my father, this life, was my father then too. I don't know who Jett's dad was, it didn't matter, our marriage brought everybody together. I told my dad, I didn't want anybody else but Jett, only him. He couldn't talk me out of it. I wouldn't marry anybody from our club. I refused. It was either Jett or nobody. I'd lock myself in my room and cry, not come out.

My dad, knew I wouldn't budge, I suspect Jett pulled the same thing on his dad. Both of our dads had a meeting, a merge was the only solution. It turned out to be the best move they ever made. Very lucrative for everybody. Great BBQ's and good friends. Everybody had each other's back.

Demons+Angels=Bikers. We each had our own bikes, we rode, side by side, matching, twins like but not. We loved the biker life. We're both pilots. We'd often leave the kids with the folks and go for rides, parks, forests, trees, picnics, the ocean. The simple things. We would just talk, love, kiss, hug and we'd just lie there and look up at the sky. That's what I miss the most about Jett. Not every life is about money, status, power etc etc family, love is more important, the 2d.


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