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Anonymous ur I mean Posers LMAO

Not real hackers. Just a bunch of kids, criminals and of course pedafiles. For years they've been listening to people in the Ex Scientology Message boards and Scientology Newsgroups, which btw newsgroups are a thing of the past, no ROI.

I guess they had nothing better to do with their lives and decided, let's forward mainstream press, the status quo. So while one guy hacked Sarah Palin's email address, btw not that hard to do, you can purchase a $20.00 software program. Everybody that is not tech trained or qualifed or savvy, freaked out. OMG.

Real hackers, don't hack email to get mainstream press coverage, nope, they do it, to rip off your bank account, your money. All emails are not secure. I guess you'll have to stop using email.

Good news for the rest of us, less spam issues LMAO. Criminals hide, present time and past life criminals LMAO. They don't want to be found out, outted for their crimes. Nobody is gonna touch this site, two words, Executive Order, to jail you'll go LMAO.

As you can see, Anonymous was useless in helping me even though I fit the script LMAO in real life, truth is stranger than fiction. They blew it as a group and they are not real pirates. Losers, you all lost your soul.

Good anons are with me LMAO, we get the evidence, proof, documentation for court and fuck up your life forever LMAO. Nowhere to run, no where to hide, what will you do? I guess go home and cry to your mommy. LMAO

Updated June 1, 2013

Guess what happens when you break the law? LMAO Hacking people's email is against the law. You won't make it off this rock, even if you are a police officer now in present time. I'm a civilian now, not a cop. No justification LMAO. Cops are the worst, when it comes to this bullshit ok. It's all justified, jealously, fear of hidden comm lines, hmmmm who is she talking to? What guy is she talking to, what guy or guys is she dating? No emotion in email, they have to figure it out LMAO. If you're married to the person in present time, it doesn't really matter. Community state property. I'm not married and you didn't get all the data LMAO But I'll see you coming a mile away in slow motion, I'll already know LMAO I'm a cop.

And so will my fathers, brothers and other family members from past lives that are cops, if you make it off this rock, they'll know and you will be fucked LMAO

It's not ok. Who the fuck are you? Nobody. Only cowards do it and then lie about it, so the computation is liars=cowards=cheaters. Won't change my computation, fuck you. I'm also mob LMAO.

And so are my family members from past lives. Here, on target 2 and target 3. Find a criminal like you. Again, I'm not a whore, but you are.

Unlike a whore, where they get off on you hacking their email, it wets their whistle, the chase. I don't. I wouldn't do it to you, so why are you doing it to me? Deception, control. Pop. How can you have a real honest loving trust worthy relationship when it starts off with deception? You can't. You fucked up. You did that, by your actions, your own hand. The man I marry this life is an honorable man, worthy of trust and my love.

Updated November 13, 2013

Let me clarify, cops who are monitoring from a distance, that's fine. I don't care about that ok. If this goes down, and we win, I don't want to be chased by cops ok, can you see it now LMAO Cops are great at chasing and actually chase women, pursue, I can see it now, high speed, helicopters, free for all ok.

So, I already got chased once by like 50k guys ok that was online, don't want to be chased by 50k cops offline ok for a date. LMAO.

Updated November 18, 2013

Good News From Yahoo I don't know how that will handle the hacking email issue? They just need to login as you. Your user name, your password. Again, a $20.00 program. Maybe their encryption will fuck up the software.

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