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My Story by Kathy Gold

Anonymous -

I went into this message board. As part of my investigation and crossing the wall of fire. I got banned when I asked for funding. I was thinking about putting out a press release to get funding for my journey to get the holy scriptures.

"Anonymous banned me today Sunday evening, my last post was about court funding,
hmmmm I must have missed a withhold" I believe that was in 2009.

They also assumed Alex Wisner was a guy. They went on about that family. They are racist haters. They are jealous because she is the youngest person to ever get up the bridge. They never will. Losers.

They used and are using my religion, my faith to make money. Who does that? Racist haters, look they support, Iran. They don't support the USA.

I asked the copyrights office for permission

Their response:

Somebody will have to take the Copyrights Office to Court to make copies of the Tech, legally. Who will step up to the plate to help mankind, free mankind and save the world? Who will take that journey? It's for non profit, personal case gain, no personal gain, not profit. It's a religion. See OT Levels and Court

Right before my induced meltdown, Jon was telling me how, the servers up at int were installed lol. It was a top dog hacker, best in his field. This is soooo wild. He's BI and worked at Sun MicroSystems lol

Years before this, I sent him an email, with a song. I checked his shit out lol it was Name.

Way better than Julian Assange lol. This guy knew his shit ok, I knew he put back doors on the servers.

So, I never wrote KR's online lol only by mail lol So if our government hacked their servers lol you know a training exercise to keep Mr. Clinton busy, grounded emotionally, something to focus on lol because of the Monica Lewinsky thing, I would never show up on the radar lol. Somethings change, then again, somethings don't lol.

I'm sure when our former president Mr.Clinton gave my religion Scientology it's ok, the go ahead lol He knew, deep down in his soul, he just knew there was one out of the whole lot that would apply their ethics book lol. And he was right, that was me lol.

After my induced meltdown, I was having a discussion with my step father, who hated him. I couldn't undertand why, he wanted to blame all the problems of the world on him ok. I told him, he's a good man and we got into an argument. I finally gave up, I couldn't take the hatred from this guy. I never met Mr. Clinton but I knew he was a good man. He did alot of good for our country, our nation. I saw how his crew, his management team had his back. I knew, then and there, if he was a bad guy, they would have split, threw him under a bus. What's the saying, if it effects one of us, it effects all of us. lol

I also noticed in 2009, that after shit hit the fan, he took responsibility for Hillary, he was applying Simon Bolivar. The Responsibility of Leaders. I knew then, he loves her very very much. Soulmates. OT3

My mother, well she went around in her hair salon talking trash to all her clients. She took great pleasure telling her clients what an asshole he was for doing that and how dare he do that ok. She would go on and on and on and she would just get so mad cause most of them didn't agree with her lol. She was like what is this world coming too lol. Ok. Yeah, the same woman that got paid off for me not to go to court.

And, her own husband did the same thing to her, I'm sure more than once. They are both republican's the unstable kind if you know what I mean lol.

Updated 6/22/2013

Oh look, this is the idiot who owns Why We Protest LMAO can you say moron? I think so. A 29 year old computer geek with no hacking skills whatsoever, but he finally got some PR. I guess he's still waiting to make money off his website. LMAO I guess this will be his claim to fame, a message board LMAO. Dude whoever gets with you LMAO she's gotta be really really insecure and needy for attention.

Need a free php script for a message board, try these guys LMAO

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