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My Story by Kathy Gold

Angelina Jolie

She was the Russian Federation's Commodore's daughter OT3, George Clooney was on the same team with her. Shooters, to take out all the presidents of the US federation. Each planet had it's own president.

Brad Pitt, was a brother in past lives pre earth. I have no idea where he was when the universe ended.

This building, the top,

I also was looking at it, while crossing the wall of fire, I saw shooters on top of that building, marksmen, aimed and ready. I had a wooooosh moment but different, more like the matrix movie where trinity is near the glass windows of the highrise and the glass is warped. Like I'm seeing it from glasses but warped. The glasses were inverted. Now who was wearing glasses OT3 that saw it? Scott perhaps? His mental images pictures, maybe he traced it back or he was fucking her and she got a call to go do this job.

I don't know but it was wild. I was also pissed off prior to this cause I felt like my soul was being torn out of my body, it hurt. I remember just saying to myself outloud, I can't confront this much evil, this is evil, this is not fair, ok. Why do I have to do it? I don't want to confront this evil. I just kept saying that outloud to myself. This was in 2009.

And I also felt, I need to get to the president to save him, like she was gonna do something to harm him, cause I was watching her PR, she was making a move towards the white house. I also saw that look on her face, after she got there, like she had an O. I got my confirmation in the trades, pic of her in the white house, 2nd term. But I knew not to. It's hard to explain and at that time he was here, I passed by his car when he was doing his fundraising. I was in present time to know the difference and past life memories, I just didn't know why I had these feelings for him, personally. And now I know. Family down my wholetrack, my past lives. When I realized about Nikki, that pic, I knew he was spinning on Jett and I wanted him to know, so he wouldn't spin.

I don't move on emotion, I never did. Again psych ops training. Besides, the secret service had it all under control. Isn't that right boys?

Angelina is not a bad person, she's a good person, I hope she gets to target 3.


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