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My Story by Kathy Gold

America's Brightest

Chip Meyers owned that company. He hired me to do the online marketing and promotion for that website. He loved the results so much, that he came back later and hired me to help launch the new website where he was working. Centropolis. They just started an online Science Fiction magazine called Aeon Mag.

He later went on to start Fandom.

Centropolis was owned by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, of Star Gate Fame. Two directors. Back in the day, there were newsgroups. So to get a bunch of people to the website, I went in to target, on topic newsgroups and promoted and marketed that website. It was highly successful, Chip was really really stoked.

I got invited to the launch party in Venice. That was a fun night. I met Dean Devlin, he was a nice guy lol he said to me, we've met?, you look familiar and I was like no, we've never met before lol.

There was also another guy I met, I forgot his name but he was in charge of handling all the extras for Titanic, and he told me this story about how he almost had a meltdown while working on that movie.

He was gay and he was very expressive, I almost pissed my pants I was laughing so hard lol. He told me, on the set they tried to poison James Cameron. There were over 5000 people he had to handle at any given time, very stressful. He told me, he would tell his mom and when Titanic came out, she was like oh I saw the movie last night on TV and he was like no mom, that's not the one I worked on lol He was like I worked on this movie not the TV version. lol

Years later, I took the 2 day film school with Dov Simens He told everybody, the first week on set, everybody is your friend, the 2nd week nobody will sit with you during meal time and on the 3rd week, watch your back, they will try to kill you, litterly lol I told the guy sitting next to me, he's right and told him about how they tried to poison James Cameron on the set of Titanic. The movie biz is a rough business lol.

After my induced meltdown, I went over to the Sony lot where Centropolis was, I'm sure OSA was following me. I just didn't know it.

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