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My Story by Kathy Gold

Amazing Grace

In 1998 after my induced meltdown, I felt compelled to sing this song.
I didn't really get it then but while crossing the wall of fire, I got to play it and run out my case or religious implants, reverie from the south, I love this song, it made me feel happy, it's spiritually up lifting. I love gospel music.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is having his own thing going on, meltdown city, he's in a treatment facility, he's praying to god, he feels tested right now.

I suggest, after he gets out, play the game, come off the psych drugs, buy some property where nobody can bother him, preferably where he feels safe, shut out the world and cross the wall of fire.

It might take a few years, so make sure he's up the conditions, has plenty of money in the bank for his kids and wife, family. Enough food, water and shelter to break those chains, and if he can read the books LRH left behind, the basics, he'll have some stable datums to grab on to. But most of all, don't go down tone, stay uptone and play some games, maybe some investigations and figure out the bible too.

While he's crossing the wall of fire, he'll need to take responsibility for mankind or he won't make it. This is his journey to walk, his path to walk. His spiritual freedom.

The law he got passed a few years ago regarding discrimination, was a great law, nothing wrong with that law. He's a politician this life, in the public eye. I hope he makes it, would love to see him on target 3.

Updated Sunday, July 29, 2012

These people better have his best interest at heart. Gastrointestinal issues, that's gonna be Celiac. His father better trace it down. The best medicine, money can buy? It better fuckin be.

I just read his profile on wiki leaks He was hyper when he was little, ok, kids have energy, that's normal. He got mad at some dude in congress, he expressed his feelings. He's probably very passionate about civil rights and his job.

I'll be watching this, keeping an eye out. Let's see if he's one of us or one of them. A wholetrack psych, an implanter. Will he succumb to suppression or fight?

Updated August 13, 2013

Not a big deal, you can still go for president, get your street kred, tats and re-invent yourself, the rapper pres. Your dream is not over, it's just getting started. If there is a law that says you can't, then just change it.

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