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My Story by Kathy Gold

A Poem

This poem is about Dan Pesta, an ex boyfriend who cheated on me while I was living with him with his ex girlfriend. He was a Scientologist, you can read more about him here.

I never cheated on anybody this life or was somebodies mistress ok. I wanted to put myself in her shoes, how she felt and at the same time come up with a good reason of why I understand her .

I held him 100% responsible, not her. Nobody put a gun to his head and made him drive to her house to fuck her while he was living with me. I already got my revenge or payback after our scientology marriage counseling over at LADay was done.

I'll go into details on that tomorrow.

Updated July 2, 2013

I was hurt by Dan. I met Dan onlines, he was another Scientologist at LADay. I thought he was cute. Tall, dark short hair, he was preppy. But he wasn't a snob. Our first date, we went to the movies, over at Universal Studios Citywalk. I remember, I was standing looking for seats, he just grabbed my hand and off we went. I really liked him. I was living at Cindy's house, another Scientologist and she went nuts one day meaning she started using me as her punching bag, she started yelling at me for something minor, I was like I gotta get the hell out of here. Dan knew, cause I told him. He was like, let's get a place together. So we did, up at Tujunga, a duplex. It was cute. It had hardwood floors. After we moved in, I asked Dan about marriage and he didn't want to answer the question, his answer was, we're helping each other on the 1st and 3rd dynamic. Self and work aka money. And I was like what about the 2nd? Marriage and kids. He was just using me for rent. He never gave me any O's. We were together maybe 6 months.

After we broke up, I was still living there, trying to move out. Vickie Stansfield, Alan's ex wife, was like you can stay at my house. I was like cool. Alan hadn't moved here yet and she didn't want to be alone. So while I was packing, Dan went out of town to Narconon Chilocco, they had an opening of some kind. Well the girl he was fucking kept calling and hanging up, I knew it was her. He didn't tell her where he went. So, I had our neighbor sleep over on the couch, I knew she would call all night long. In the morning, she called, I had him answer the phone and then she asked for me. She knew my name. I got on the phone and she asked me Where was Dan? I told her, he's out of town, he'll be back in a week or so.

So Dan got back in town, and he was pissed. She told him that a guy answered the phone. I knew it would get back to him, I set it up that way LMAO. My neighbor, the one that slept on the couch, told me, Dan took the mattress off the bed and dragged it over to the big trash bin and threw it away LMAO He was major pissed. He told the neighbor, Kathy had some guy over here and fucked him in my bed LMAO did you see him? LMAO. My neighbor did not say a thing LMAO. He told me though.

I went to work back for Scott Saks I was working at Health Med, work transition and Dan called me at work. He was pissed, he wanted to know my new number and I wouldn't give it to him, it wasn't my number to give out, it was Vickie's. It was just temporary until I got my own place. He got pissed off, he wanted to know who he was? He assumed I was living with another guy. He let it slip, is it the other guy? LMAO I wouldn't give him the phone number, he hung up on me.

So after our marriage couseling ended, we had a chaplin cycle, he owed me money and he paid up. In the parking lot, we talked, I let him off the hook. I spilled it. I told him, I just wanted to hurt him, the way he hurt me. I had the neighbor sleep over on the couch cause she was calling me all night long and I knew it would get back to him. Man you should have seen the look on his face LMAO. I later found out what he did from that neighbor, I stayed in comm with them. My neighbors were cool.

Dan's married to his soulmate, he met her in the Orange County org. They moved to Costa Rica. She's got a big mouth LMAO Dan didn't care that I did too. That wasn't our problem. He never liked me or loved me, he was just using me for his survival, money.

Looks like they sold their biz LMAO Dan and Holly Pesta. He was from San Jose. Dan J. Pesta.

And the girl Dan cheated on me with, was ugly ok. I was a hot blonde, platinum LMAO

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