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My Story by Kathy Gold

A Little Bit About Me And My Finances

So, after the crash, I had some savings and I used that money to rent a place to live. My mother, after pushing me down a flight of stairs and lying about it, called the police and told them I was after her lol. Then a few days later, she told me to get the hell out of her house lol.

So, I left, they have guns in the house and I knew they would wrong target me meaning use the guns on me for their anger at the economy crashing. I was an easy target, I'm a jew and a scientologist. She and her nazi husband would have more than one reason to kill me, including hiding their crimes in present time, payoffs not to go to court, see my story.

Anyhoo, so I moved out, still spinning on what should I do with my life etc. I then had to make a choice, my credit or my life? So I opted for my life, I used up all my credit first. Then I applied for unemployement, got that, while doing unemployment I did my art. It took me 2 1/2 years fulltime to crank out a 30k image portfolio lol. I got approval from the unemployment department people.

I lived off my savings plus the unemployement of $932.00 a month. My rent is $697.00, then there is insurance to Mercury $50.00 a month. My internet connection, my tv and phone to Time Warner $120.00 a month. Also utilities about $100.00 Gas $50.00 a week. And food, I was spending about $400.00 a month. $1370.00 and other things that came up.

While that was happening I was also looking for a job, but unfortunately, my credit was shot so, credit check, they wouldn't hire me lol. They don't say why, you know they don't want to be sued for discrimination. The next thing was jail, cause of CofS, hopefully that doesn't show up on my record, I've never been to jail before in my life lol. A new experience lol.

Then cause of the credit cards, btw the banks got paid off, charge off, it's tax write off and they get money back from the government lol They will now put liens on your name if you don't pay. They too like the insurance companies do credit checks, background checks etc etc.and hack your email lol

I just got sued from First Entertainment Credit Union. They also monitor social media lol and have triggers, they just lie about it lol.

Anyhoo, if I die, my mother and my creditors can go to court to battle it out over my royalty free portfolio lol

There is no debters prisons now, so I could give a fuck about them lol

They went after me cause of what Childs and Tobin reported, that dentist. I bought scientology books with my credit card.

I spent $1000.00 on books, the new basics lol It was worth the investment. It helped me crossing the wall of fire.

They also told me over the phone about attaching wages, a restim lol. I always planned to pay it, it's the right thing to do lol.I never not planned to pay it lol.

I just needed the money lol Can't pay a debt with no money ok.

But I thought it was odd that it was First Entertainment Credit Union, a lawyer bought the debt. He's gonna make a profit of $150.00 a year lol. Ok.

They are hoping to keep people off the bridge using a justification of pay your debts first blah blah blah, but what they are really saying is, yeah we don't want you to obtain your spiritual freedom, we don't want you to have cause over your exteriorization.

You see the pickle these people put others in, it's suppressive lol. Good news though, while I'm working to get sponsors, I'm gonna get a job, hopefully as a maid lol.

They can attach my wages lol. wow.

I think of it as getting paid to exercise, I'm fat lol So this will sustain me until I get sponsorship and lose weight lol.

That $150.00 is a major profit for these people. ok

Yeah, that's what's going on with these debters, I don't know anybody else this has happened to.

So, this is what LRH was talking about, coming up the condtions. Payoff all debts. Get out of middle class heaven. No credit cards. Cash only.

Nobody can hit you then to fuck with your eternity, your immortality, your spiritual freedom.

Don't worry, these lawyers, they're fucked and they know it. They won't have any cause over their exteriorization. They're too stupid to figure it out lol.

You know where LRH got this data from, from his own journey. I checked the box that said wrong doing in one of the boxes when I went to make my reply. It's ethics book all the way, our bible lol.

He's so good lol No wonder he gave orders to handle his PR lol He knew the one woman that would figure it out, would be me lol.

He knows me so well. My soulmate, my love, my life. lol.

So as I have never been sued before, I have no idea what I'm doing lol I had to drive down to compton to get free legal aid.

The name is Robert J. Colclough
Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough III
7120 Hayvenhurst Ave, Suite 111
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Btw, I got their computation too, I'm a woman, I'm a scientologist, how dare I be on social media, I'm playing around instead of looking for a job lol

They never bothered to find out my story, my side. They just assumed because I'm a scientologist. That's discrimination.

And yeah, they are SP's, they know I was looking for a job, they knew what happened with 1928 Jewelry Company, they knew what happened with the ACLU , Merucury Insurance etc etc.

They were hacking my email ok. Not that hard, you can get a $20.00 program. And they were also monitoring me on facebook, the url I set up to get in comm with other scientologists. They'll never admit it lol They'll just lie like everybody else for money.

Who does this for a living? Criminals. They break laws and have it justified because I'm a scientologist.

So I talked to the guy handling my account lol I told them once I get a job, I will pay them $100.00 a month. It will take me 13 years by the time I'm 58 I should have it paid off. I have no assets, nothing except a Lien on my name. He told me I would have to sign a contract. I don't trust these people, I told him I'm not signing anything lol. He hung up on me. I missed his withhold breaking laws etc.

The first time I talked to him when I received the lawsuit in the mail. I called him and told him, you might want to let everybody at First Entertainment Credit Union know, it could be a PR Flap, cause of the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise. When I got my account at First Entertainment Credit Union, you had to be in the entertainment industry to get it lol You couldn't get it, if you weren't in that field.

I will just send him money every month to his office until it's paid off. And keep a record of it and post it. It's not my fuckin job to go all over town to handle this bullshit. I have to work to survive. I'm not going into a fuckin contract with people that have broken the law. That's insane and it's suppressive. It's setting me up to die. They will not take my soul.

I'm not in a rush, I'm 45, not married, no children, just me. So I will go really slow, like my implanter fathers have taught me lol Pain, their shit will recoil on them and I won't mind giving them pain from a distance. lol

I'm gonna pay off all my other creditors first lol. Save my money as it comes in and pay them off. One by one lol

The very last one on the list will be First Entertainment Credit Union. lol Besides, David Miscavige can use it to reg more money for his cause IAS lol The double bang. I might not get justice or revenge in a court of law but I can do it outside of it lol What's in a name anyway, I'm a person, a human being lol and my life is worth more than money lol. Assholes, you're fucked. Yeah, this is an evil purpose ok. To squash into non existence because I'm a scientologist.

Every man dies, but not every man crosses the wall of fire lol Buyah lol Btw, feel free to hack away, get your release at their expense lol Hee Hee. Hollywood.

Don't even bother with Court, LLC, Limited Liability Corporation, cut and run if they lose, get it lol. Fuck them up, make them pay, make them hurt, a nice memory lol. For breaking the law etc etc no jail, just pain to last for 1 billion years lol


Alot of people are hacking my email. They are breaking the law for whatever reason and nobody is gonna stop them. Oh well, not my problem, they can take it up with God lol I'm not God.

I guess they assumed I would blame OSA for it all lol Not lol

Guy and girls, both are breaking the law, they assume, nobody's gonna stop them lol Oh well, they won't be crossing the wall of fire, Security Implants, they're not on payroll, it's out exchange. They'll just die lol oh well lol They sold their soul for all the wrong reasons lol. Their soul will get fused and en-tombed into this rock for 1 billion years lol ha ha, we win, you lose.

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