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My Story by Kathy Gold



A Book About Crossing The Wall Of Fire

I won't be writing one. It's really a journey you have to take, experience, feel, live. It's nothing that can be described, it's something you have to experience for yourself.

To write a book about how it felt is a waste of my time and energy. My life was meant for so much more.

I might be LRH aka Jett's soulmate, wholetrack 2d but I'm not him nor do I walk in his footsteps LMAO.

Let somebody like Nikki Sixx write a book about it for mainstream and after people die, they can sue him LMAO and wipe him out financially, after all he is the author or expert so he'll be a great target for what else, court LMAO.

As my life progresses, changes etc etc, I won't have time to be a full time artist, just part time, and that's ok. There are more important things in life than creating art. Besides, I'd get bored being a fulltime artist, need inspiration, real life. And there is more to life than the pursuit of money, objects etc etc.

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