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My Story by Kathy Gold

A Black Woman

When I started my ACLU journey, I was also crossing the wall of fire. I thought about if this happened to or happens to a black woman, I didn't want, this to happen and cause pain within the black community. What if I was black in present time and this happened? Or would I be shunned by the black community because I'm a Scientologist? Or how about an older black woman, who got turned away from her church because she wasn't rich enough or discriminated against because she was black, make her read into her PTS Type A declare like they did to me, etc etc. These are the things I thought about.

It would have caused her pain, keyed in her case, past lives where she was a slave.

When I was younger, I heard on the TV, the worst thing in the world you can be in america is a black woman, they are the most discriminated against. It hurt, cause the family I had, was loving and kind and so, this slavery shit goes deep.

Maybe I'm not suppose to think about these things because I'm white and I should be like other white people, it's not my problem, I'm not black. But that's not who I am. I've been black, I've experienced the bullshit and it's not ok.

People were assuming Gina St. John would go nuts next. There is something wrong with these people. To want to see a black woman go through what I went through. It's evil.

So yeah, they are racists, KKK from previous lives and/or slave owners. They don't want to let go of the past. They are lazy idiots lol who will never have cause over their exteriorization. They are fucked and they know it.

No need to change these people's minds, or try to stop them. Let God, infuse and en-tomb their soul to this rock for the next 1 billion years, that will teach them a lesson for their racist thoughts lol. or LMAO

And no, I'm not a token white girl lol People that are racist will assume, white girl wants to be black, I get it lol. That's not the case. I like who I am. I like that I'm white, don't hate myself for being white. You can't run this slavery thing on me lol you know roots lol. Past lives, gotcha.

And what I wrote on facebook, still stands, um Mr. Farrakkhan get's it lol He's not even mad, he knows how I am, I express my feelings and then I'm done lol. They all know how I am and they love me for it.

It's not a big deal to express your feelings, honestly, openly, directly. And it's sure as shit, not a crime.

You people, you racist mother fuckers, well, that's another story. You're all fucked, up a tree LMAO

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