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My Story by Kathy Gold

8 Million Scientologists

They didn't just disappear overnight. I've read and watched this debate and my conclusion.

Does it really matter that there is not 8 million Scientologists currently or only 50k or 80k worldwide. No. How about all the people that were kicked to the curb, declared SP's over the years and got no golden rod, nothing in writing, all verbal. I guess they all just left. Why fight with an unethical church and it's management team.

I'm sure, they too went to the ACLU, got turned down, got their case gain and went on their way. Nobody has the stats on that. Got their confirmation through out the years, dropped their bods and split. Not that big of a deal.

They were all other religions too, Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc etc. I'm just the only one that came on line and had the balls to put my case, past lives for the whole world to see. The rest won't do it. For more than one reason. I also had no choice lol It was apply my wholetrack psych training or die. I chose to live. It was a pro survival action for me.

Per Marty only 1500 OT's were made. Extremely low numbers. And Clears, you can just buy a Dianetics book and do it yourself. What will that cost? $5.95 lol. The rest, apply the Ethics book. Not that hard.

Cross the Wall of Fire and go on with your life, drop the bod and get to target 3 or wherever you want to go in the Universe, Spiritual Freedom.

A little tip, a little hint, in this society, people bitch, negative and the positive isn't broadcasted for more than one reason. Whatever is the pro survival action for that individual, that's what they did. Scientology isn't cookie cutter. Each person has their own path, their own journey and if you are looking for answers in mainstream, you won't find it.

What did I do lol I took a play from the Rockefellers playbook lol I went down the middle lol. Church management on the right side, the SP's on the left and played a few games too.

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