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My Story by Kathy Gold

1st Clue Something Was Off

After my induced meltdown, I noticed my mother and my step father, didn't care about the bruises I had. They saw them and didn't care.

They also knew that Jon Mackinder hit me, they didn't care. They were like whatever.

That would be called insensitive, major. If my child had bruises all over her body, I would wonder where she got them from. And when she told me, it was her fiancee, I would do something, or call someone, at least my husband and say, this is not ok.

But these two people, didn't give a fuck. They knew Jon, they met Jon, they knew he was 6'3. I didn't want to confront then, what I knew and felt. That these two people, my so called family by DNA didn't give a fuck about me or my life.

They also were acting strangely. Besides not caring. I moved back home because my business was in shambles, my world, ended that day, I was in alot of pain. I had a refrigerator and it got moved back to their house. The fridge was brand new, only 6 months old. My step father was acting weird, he was like you're not gonna need this. I asked him why? And he zipped it and wouldn't answer my question, left me wondering and then he blew the comm cycle.

They also then went looking for a house to buy, real estate. They went around telling people I was gonna buy a house. lol I thought it was strange ok. I was not in a position to purchase a home. It's something I wanted to do but not then lol. I had no idea, why they started taking me to go look at houses lol. Brand new homes, and then they would tell them, they were looking for me. I was like ok. My mother was like, wear this shirt, it was green lol

There was also weird shit coming through the fax machine, harrassment, faxes saying fuck off etc etc. My mother would grab it quickly and throw it away. I'd ask her, what is that? And she would say, nothing, it's nothing lol.

Prior to this back in 1995 when I was going to school, my step father was going online and reading about Scientology. He started back then about how it was a science fiction religion. I suspect he was going into anti scientology news groups and gathering data. Crossing the wall of fire has something to do with WW2 and he's a last life nazi. He loves germany, he was always telling me how to buy everything German, like that's where his real loyalties lie. He would always trace everything down what he was gonna buy and if it wasn't German, he wouldn't buy it. Very weird. He would also go on about WW2 and the Rockefellers ok lol. At that time in 1995, I didn't really understand, I didn't get it lol

He was trying to figure out the OT levels, the ones that Dennis Erlich put there. He beat Enid, who I knew btw. She was one of my reges at AO. Dennis was married to Enid. She's dead now. She was jewish. He wasn't. only by DNA. I'm sure he's a last life nazi too. a great cover, don't ya think lol, that's right Dennis, your're fucked too lol.

So I assumed he was joking so I would joke too. I told him, oh WW2, that wasn't the Rockefellers that was the Kennedy's lol I read this book, lol I thought it was facinating.

So, people are running game all over the place lol. Both the church and parents by DNA. Let them run their game. Secure your shit, apply tech and get to target 3.

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