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My Story by Kathy Gold


1928 Jewelry Company

After 1 year and half of emailing out my resume, I finally got an interview at a company called 1928.

I really liked their products. I went in for an interview and they called me back. This was to replace their ecommerce manager.

Eric who moved on to a fashion company. He wanted more money, a raise to support his wife and new baby. He was a nice guy.

They made him wear the hat of not only the ecommerce person but also the IT person ok handling their servers.

I told the CFO upfront, I don't do that lol I just do ecommerce, online marketing and promotion. He also asked me about their platform, how would I have handled it. I told him I would have started them off on Xcart and then move up from there. It's really cost effective. He said, he knew, all the other people that interviewed before me, all said the same thing.

On my 2nd interview, the CFO asked me if I was Jewish, I said I'm Catholic. I needed the job.
Then I was routed to the owner and he said to me, so what are you gonna do for me? I was taken aback by the whole thing. I've never before in my life been talked to this way in an interview.

It's weird behavior, not normal, pick up lol

I told him, I'm gonna increase the ecommerce sales. I got hired, the target for me to get a $5k dollar bonus
at the end of the year was to make them 2 million dollars in gross income.
The salary they were paying me was $50k a year. Ok, big fuckin deal.

So I worked there for a total of 6 weeks. While I was working there, I was actually working on 4 million dollars, just to cover my ass so I would not get fired ok. I was setting up sales distribution with other companies.

They all went on a furlough, getting money from the government, they manufacture their own stuff in the US, and I only worked Tues-Friday from 7-5 or 6. I didn't even take a lunch.

The CFO wouldn't pay for the programmers that were already in place, Russian PHP programmers, they jerry rigged their free community magento platform to work with php scripts. This is a big ole brand but won't pay Magento for the real shit, ok. Out exchange. Criminal.

Anyway, he decided after 6 weeks that he wanted to hire a magento programmer ok. I personally think I met the government quota cause I'm a woman to hire, then he got his money and said adios lol

He said, I've changed my mind, I'm gonna go with a magento programmer, here's your check and you can go back on unemployment. I was like ok. I made a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing people cause it was against the law to ask me if I'm Jewish. It's discrimination. I was told, since I didn't have any proof, it would be a he said she said.

So, in the future, take hidden video cameras to all corporate job interviews, your proof, your evidence. I have no idea how else to solve this problem. And obviously, the laws on the books aren't working. People just break them, violate them, ignore them.

It's also out exchange for me to wear the cop hat. Nobody is paying me for my time to do this. I also don't get a pension for my retirement if I choose to do this all my life. To enforce this law, the average person is required to do it. But there is no hatting or training, it's really trial and error. So, your best bet is cover your ass.

Also a magento programmer or any programmer, they aren't responsible for sales, gross income, they program ok. They are backend programmers. No computer programmers are ever responsible for front end sales. It's not the norm within the industry. So yeah, he used me to get more money out of the government and then when he got it, he kicked me to the curb.

I also did the right thing, I reported them to OSHA. While I was there, I couldn't breath ok and I smoke cigarettes. I'd go home and I could breath, but in the office, I couldn't breath, I would cough. And I wasn't the only one. I believe it's in the ceilings, the air. I'm glad I didn't work their long term, bad health.


Employee Separation Report - Note how they marked the box Temporary Layoff, A Lie

Ad for Magento Programmer

The Unemployment Book they gave me when I got kicked to the curb

My business card and parking card

My employee contract

Letter to start the investigation

The CFO is a last life nazi, it's pretty obvious.

Priors in the Environment Dept. There are over 100 people working there getting sick, long term. It's not ok

So, the kids of today, that are getting a degree, when I started, there was no degree to get in E-Commerce. The kids now coming out of school will not only need to know about, e-commerce sales, SSL, merchant accounts, how that works, security for both the end user and internal as well, but online marketing and promotion, how to design, develop and build a website themselves. They will need to learn both, frontend and backend to be the E-commerce manager. That will also include being SEO experts, print design, offline marketing and promotion applies as well. They will also have to know copyright law, if they purchase stock photos, they better purchase them for commercial use otherwise they open up the company to a lawsuit and the way things are going, whose not to say, the company won't turn around and then sue that employee for that mistake, I'm sure that's happened already, you just don't know about it. Mainstream.

It's not just putting up a pretty website and placing some ads. It takes alot of hard work and many years. It's not overnight. Here's my resume

My Biz Cards

The qualifications you will need to be an E-Commerce Manager besides a degree:
1)Online Marketing
2)Online Promotion
3)Offline Marketing
4)Offline Promotion
5)Graphics both Web and Print
6)Sales including Distribution
7)Will know how to design, develop and build a website from scratch.
8 )Technical knowledge of computer programming languages including PHP, CGI, HTML.
9 )Technical knowledge of servers, hosting platforms, Unix Operating System.
10 )E-Commerce Security, Merchant Accounts, SSL, PPC Compliance etc.
11 ) Knowledge and experience in SEO and PayPerClick - Both
12) Troublshooting and Problem Solving Skills
13)Customer Service, handling complaints, making sure the customer is happy, and will return to purchase more products in the future.
14)Making sure products are getting delivered, meaning after the customer purchased the item, it gets sent out.
15)The #1 quality is that you will be responsible and accountable for the Gross Income of the E-Commerce Site.

For employers, they want you to fit into their company, not every company is a match or a fit. But the new kids coming out of college, I'm sure will fit right in, learn how the company works internally and externally.

This is a long term career, not an overnight thing. So it will take at least 5 or 10 years to start doing millions of dollars in sales, if it's a start up company. If it's an established company, I'm sure one or two years tops.

After all they have a degree and they are younger, smarter and better. I'm sure the kids come from great families, have a high responsibility level and confront and handle all the obstacles that come their way.

And at $35,000 -$50,000 a year, starting pay, should be easy for them. They aren't married, no kids and probably live at home. Their only expenses are their college loans.

To the new kids going into this profession, I say, if it's not your passion, something you love doing and are passionate about, you won't last, it's extremely high pressure. If sales are down, you're fucked lol big time, major yelling, screaming at you, so you will have to be calm under pressure, keep cool and carry on. Take it in stride and laugh ok lol cause after you turn it around, everybody else will laugh too lol

Then go out as a team and have a drink to celebrate your victory lol. There is always ups and downs, but if you have a great team, you can do incredible things, never done before, break company records etc etc.

Btw, a little tip, hint, clue, follow up, cause I ran into this guy at the car wash, he told me, the hiring guys, are scanning resumes for buzzwords, they are using electronic software to determine who they will interview and who they won't. So if you don't fit into those buzzwords, you can be the best of best elite and they'll ignore you. They don't care about making gross income or saving alot of money at the same time. Just buzzwords. That's what you'll have to do, to get an interview in the year 2012. Hopefully those kinds of people will eventually retire or move on to another company and then things should change or not.

I've built intranets, extranets, wireless, ecommerce stores, even an ecommerce store for AOLTV, that was a really cool project. I was just given specs, technical specs and I had to figure it out. I was one of 8 people on the planet, that was given this project. My design beat everybody. My manger, my boss, was stoked when he met with AOL in Virginia. He was really really proud.

Find a good company that cares about people, invests in people, human beings. They want people, not robots lol. Good Luck and may the force be with you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

They still haven't filled this position, I wonder if they made their $2 million dollars a year in gross income from their e-commerce store? LMAO I don't think so, cause now they want a degree, 1st tip, I wonder if they still have their distribution lines? Or did they lose them? Cause I don't think they got new ones. They never laid the foundation to make it happen. With no foundation, no results.

And all the marvel stuff, ok, maybe they should have created another website for that brand. It's a different company that the owner started, licensed it out. But really, your gonna put Marvel, masculine products in a feminine store? If that's not an outpoint, I don't know what is LMAO.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh yeah, I got computations while I was there, people playing games like no tomorrow. But I did the right thing, I emailed, Eric and gave him the heads up so he can let everybody know. I'm sure he did the right thing LMAO

Kathy Gold
date: Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 10:42 PM
subject: the dirt on 1928

Hey Dude,

I'm no longer at 1928, I got kicked to the curb on Friday. With no warning, I got pulled into Paul's office with Elsa there to tell me that they have changed their mind and decided to hire a tech guy lol. Ok. It was weird and to be perfectly honest, I was blindsided. So my journey ends with them and I start a new one, on Monday.

I say weird cause I was in a performance contract and my job was to do 2mil for the year and if I met that at the end I would get a $5k bonus. I was setting up the lines to make that happen, well actually to do 4mil, cause well I wanted to play a game and have fun and I really wanted to make my goal. I know I shouldn't care like the other people there but ya gotta have some fun in e commerce otherwise it's boring.

I thought you were cool, so I wanted to give you the scoop, cause something is going on there and you might need to step in with Greg. Per Paul, you and Greg were tight. Right before I got kicked to the curb, Paul let it slip when I brought up Yuri's name, trying to come up with a solution to handle the site going down cause he had Jane and Judy handling it lol, of course Judy and Jane were in the room and I guess their solution was to hire Jane's partner Josh at $125.00 an hour to write html code for an xml feed. Yeah I know, they just take my solutions and repackage it and make it their own. lol. Anyway, he said that Yuri has something to do with Demetriy and Demetriy is tight with Mel and Paul is waiting for that line with Mel to fall away so he didn't want me to contact Yuri or hire him for anything.

Also, on Friday, Elsa was in Greg's office going through the filing cabinet. I thought that was weird, cause the lights are usually off and all of a sudden the lights were on and there she was, I said out loud, that's weird and the girls were like no, that's normal.

The girls are fine, per Kit as I was exiting, she said, I knew you wouldn't last lol. And Annie, I like her too but she sat there all day texting and well I think Paul has a thing for Asian girls if you know what I mean. So that's a sexual harrassment lawsuit waiting to happen. Here's an example, Some dude reached out to us, he had a facebook page with 2.2 mil fans and he sounded per the email he wanted to be an affliate, I told Annie to make him an affiliate cause per his email he sold $60k worth of product. (oh, Annie has a virus on her comp that she thinks she contracted through He came back saying he didn't do that and wanted money for advertising. I didn't agree with it, but Paul decided to pull Annie into his office and have her do it, I found out later after it was done. He never discussed it with me and just decided to throw that money away. I guess it's no skin off his nose, it's not his money. Anyway, I knew it wouldn't go anywhere but they had to find out the hard way. End result, like 5 new facebook friends lol. Yeah I know, what a fuckin joke. Then there's Judy, who did nothing but bitch about you the first 2 weeks I was there. Oh btw, everybody decided to blame shit on you, I noticed how easy it was for everyone involved to bitch about you. Anyway, Judy finally after 4 weeks decided to call the company that the new printer/copiers were from to come out and fix it because it never worked from my computer and I had to use the sales depts printer to print out my shit. lol. And that supply room in her office, is a mess.The one where I was told I should go to get office supplies. Anyway, oh, customer service also got dumped on the web dept lol, per Paul, Kathy Cook was going to get rid of Michelle but before they were gonna get rid of her they were going to put her in the web dept. Michelle actually decided to leave, got another job, she split. So I got stuck handling all the 800 number customer service calls. I didn't mind too much, I liked interacting with clients, getting feedback in real time. But poor Annie, she wouldn't even get up to check the messages on the customer service phone that Judy set up. I had to do it every day from across the room.

What else, I don't think anything has changed since you left, Paul wants to discount everything to sell it as usual and Mel doesn't. Which actually Mel is right. You don't need to discount shit to sell it. Yeah, that's Paul's solution to everything, discount it, give it away. It's not his company so what does he care. right lol.

The new marketing girl is cool. Per Kit, the people in that job don't last lol. They got a new girl in there that filled Lisa's position. Oh, I handled the paypal thing, they can now take paypal orders without using it as a gateway.

That's pretty much it, oh, I came up with a interactive promotion for the site, a treasure hunt for the end user to increase sales. That should be going on like at the end of March/April.

Those things work, so feel free to use it where you are at. Anyhoo, I'm actually glad I'm not there, there is a lot of confusion and alot of weirdness and there is no team there. They are pretty much out for themselves. I'm used to working in a team environment where everybody is on the same page and not trying to out do everybody else.

Feel free to keep in touch if ya want, if not, that's cool too. Just check up on Mel so he doesn't get fucked over by Paul.


Updated Sunday, December 2, 2012

1928 Case

Updated May 7, 2013

Learn from their mistakes. I actually liked the owner, he is an artist too like me, when shit crashed, he went and created more jewelry, I knew then, he was a real artist. I love their products. Nobody is perfect, you know how hard it is to have a successful manufacturing company? Extremely. As a team, they've been thru alot I'm sure. The owner is not an idiot but I believe that Paul has fucked him on many levels unbeknownst to him. Mel actually thinks of Paul as a second son, his long lost son. Paul before coming here, he owned a hosting company, that's what he told me. Mel is older, he's tired. It's ok Mel, don't feel bad, something's weren't meant to be. But you'll never forget me :) And Greg, his ex-son in law, was married to Mel's daughter, so maybe Mel will pass the torch to her and she will turn things around and run the company. Take it to the next level.

In regards to me, here's where Paul fucked up:

You don't pull someone aside and treat them in this manner. No the correct course of action would have been to give me severance pay, since he was the one that made the decision to change his mind without notice. His responsibility and accountability and of course no court LMAO.

But he's 1.1 ok, covert hostility or sabotage. He doesn't want this company to flourish and prosper. He wants this company to go out of business. This is who he is. I've accepted it and moved on. Not everybody in management is like this, apply tech, just know they are 1.1 and will stab you in the back. If Paul was really a caring executive, he would have thought about the100 or more employees that work there. The manufacturing production manager and me, we got along great, he was so happy when I met with him, I had to find out what he needed and wanted from me as the e-commerce manager, so his job would be less stressful. He was a nice guy. You know what he said, Great, I'm glad that's your target. I'm glad that is what you are gonna do. Otherwise, we'll be out of business and I don't want that to happen. Ok. And I said, Ok. Don't worry, I'll take care of it. He didn't want everybody in the company to be put out on the street. He is a caring executive.

And yeah, nobody gets rid of somebody that's gonna make you, your company $2-4 million ok, major outpoint or sticks out like a sore thumb LMAO.

Anyhoo, learn from their mistakes. That's all you can really do. Little story about 1928. I've loved their products since the summer of 1982. I was going out with Rich Boone and his best friend liked me. They were in Robinson's, it was a necklace, heart shaped with a porcelain rose. I wanted one, it was really pretty. For some reason I never got around to buying it. He noticed and one day, I was talking to him and he said, I have something for you, I had no idea ok. It was a surprise. He said, I noticed you liked this at the mall. And then he whipped it out and gave it to me. I was stunned, in my head I was like OMG ok. I didn't know what to say. I was extremely happy. How thoughtful, nice and sweet. Now the flip side, this is Rich's best friend and he never bought it, he stole it. I took it and said thank you and that was it.

I don't do out 2d and I think Rich figured it out, maybe that's another reason he was pissed after we broke up. Whole backstory about that ok. Anyhoo, love 1928 Jewelry's products.

Btw, Paul's wife is asian. He lives in Agoura or Agoura Hills, somewhere out that way LMAO. I know, you didn't know that LMAO.

Updated May 19, 2013

Ok under normal circumstances, I would never talk about a companys money shit. But seeing how I was treated, here you go:

When I was there, they were doing 700 orders a month. In order to do $2 -4 milion a year, they would have to do 7000 to 9000 orders a month. That's alot of orders. Now you can see the estimation of effort. What it really takes to get the job done and why a magento programmer won't.

Most of their orders were coming from a few sources a month, Amazon and some department stores. That was it. When I was there, one of the department stores was in jeopardy of not using them anymore. So if they lost these lines, ba bye orders. No more 700 orders a month. Instant death.

The owner I think wanted the orders to come directly into 1928, more profitable, if it goes thru department stores, they take a cut a percentage.

This is a $20-$30.00 item. When you are talking this small of an item, volume is key, moving it quickly, rapidly.

Pay per click, there would be no ROI. To low of an item. So my organic white hat SEO skills would have proven invaluable to this company. Oh well. What are you gonna do?

Use this company as a case study. Learn from their mistakes.

Updated June 12, 2013

Me and Paul also discussed laying down the foundation internally with a new system that would make it possible for the orders to be processed, quickly, smoothly and sent out. We had a meeting about that, long term plans for this company for the next 5, 10 years.

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